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    Some of the acting is a bit dodgy and some of the lines cheesy [/quote:413085e728]

    Its based on a graphic novel, the dialogue has to be cheesy!! ;)

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    you LURVE cheesey though Noopti!

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    Yea I love the look of the film. Its not here till Summer though right? I think it deserves a cinema trip so I might hold off watching it till then…

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    Ya can’t beat a bit ‘o cheese!

    What’s the deal with “GizmoDX” and “gizmo”…..this is all very confusing.

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    tell me about it, people in work keep getting confused. My nickname when i was younger was gizmo then when i got online there was already loads of gizmos so I added the dx.

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    Heh, same here. First time on quakenet and I had to change my name to g1zmo. I even couldnt get near it on boards.ie either. Guess I was lucky here! :D

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    Just make sure you don’t eat anything after midnight.

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    …similiar to my “Hey” title on the college Network, Redbrick here…

    “Pouring water on me accomplishes nothing!” [/quote:dc9a1e9569]

    …yes it has been done to me on a night out :p

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    1000 posts, I’ve got to say something profound, ahem:

    EA Suck.

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    hah, “poor” EA do really get a hammering around here dont they!

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