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    Although its not going to be available until May 9th, the first chapter in SiN episodes is available for preload now on Steam, can’t bloody wait tbh. :D

    Although the original SiN was compeltly outclassed by Half-Life at the time of its release its still a great, if not slightly linear, shooter. The story however was great fun so I can’t wait to continue the timeline in all its Source powered goodness! :D

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    I loved the pointless Duke Nukem style interactivity, haven’t really seen it in games since. I loved the first levels bank and gettin on the computers and lookin up peoples names and pin numbers, then walking back downstairs to the ATM and transfering all of Bill Gates’ money to your own bank account. Oh and finding a quarter in the fountain and then using it on a telephone to make prank calls. Effected nothing except made me chuckle. Hope they keep those little touches in….

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    SiN was a great game, very solid as a single player FPS. I loved all the sarcastic black humor in it too! Can’t wait to play the new one.

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    Reminded me of the Malice TC for the first Quake.

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    Reminded me of the Malice TC for the first Quake.[/quote:5e73eeb742]

    I totally agree. Malice still totally rocks, have a boxed copy and all!

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