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    With Vin Diesel as the follically challenged anti-hero


    I see theres a TV series based on Sin City on the way too

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    Interesting. Although the only resemblance Diesal has to Agent 47 is that he is bald. The character isn’t supposed to be a musclebound cookie-cutter hero, so we’ll see how they handle it.

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    I bet it will be handled like a dildo in a pron flick

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    What a very strange thing to say.
    Unless you mean the movie will create a good buzz, be long and will make men feel inadequate?

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    Um not really more that it won’t be handled reverendly more brandished with brute force befor being put through “the back door of crap low budget movie making” and coming out covered in shit.


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    or maybe we get another performance worthy of Pitch Black.
    I vote Yay!

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