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    i’ve been using skype for about 6 months now .. fantastic way to save money on phone calls.

    it’s been brilliant to talk with other people i’ve had to work with etc..

    am just starting to get some unsolicited calls though .. so am wondering what’s the best plan..

    i’ve had a french guy ring up 3 times this morning.. “to make friends and improve his english .. and he tells me he’s 26 ” LOL for phucks sake .. . it seems like it’s turning into a dateing service LOL . i answered once (big mistake) that was is then.. he kept trying… leaving voice messages everytime..grrr. i’ve had to turn off visibility ..

    i’m working … .. i use skype, pay for a skype number, to facilitate work .. to chat to my colleagues in this 1 person , 1 studio life.

    there’s me thinking it was another producer needing cello tracks, just because i saw a guitar in the icon ..


    i’m a sucker I know.. but is there anything else i can do to block the crap

    i’d hate to have to live skype life in invisibility mode forever :D

    anyone else get the unsolicited thang

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    Nope. But the lad across from me in the office has been making random calls all morning.

    He’s not French though.


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    how’s his french accent LOL …

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    Not quite as good as Bomberman’s :)

    Speaking of whom, wonder where he’s been lately.


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    Hey Dave ;) I’m here don’t worry !

    I know I was a bit absent lately (doesn’t mean I don’t look at all Mal’s excellent jokes and the rest of the forum though). Had to slow down the activities a little bit, sometimes you don’t have choice. However I’m still here and have big hopes for 2006 :) Stay tuned !

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