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    How on earth do you find these things, Mal?? :P

    I’d imagine it would be very uncomfortable to use. Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean it’s asking to be created.

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    > How on earth do you find these things, Mal??

    I don’t know what you mean Ronny? :P

    Check this out…

    If the item above actually existed, it would be VERY cool!


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    Indeedy, the keyboard has been “around” for awhile. It started out as some guys art project but it generated such a level of interest thats its being put into production, dont think it would come cheap though! :D

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    The recent advances in electronic paper may help the price come down a bit. There was a USB drive with an electronic paper display, showing the current capacity of the drive on anandtech not too long ago. While using this technology wouldn’t make it as fancy as its concept it might help make it more commercially viable product.

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    Optimus to go into production February using OLED display… maybe we all join together and buy one??


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    I just gotta have a couple of those USB pads – when’s Lik Sang stocking? who’s nipping to Akihabara soon?

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    Judging from previews of the Optimus its looking like having a price tag of somewhere between $100 and $250. Now while the keyboard itself is impressive I really can’t see those OLED displays putting up with too many games of Quake 3… :?

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    People are still playing Quake 3??

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    People are still playing Quake!


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    Upgrade your graphics cards ya tight gits :lol:

    In all honesty though I’ve revisited both Quake 3 and Quake 2 online, not so long ago….amazing how much fun they can still be.

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    Well I played a quick game of CTF on Quake 4 a while back and found it rather slow for my multiplayer needs so it was straight back to Quake 3 with me. The former was also rather unbalanced at the time with a machine gun / Quad damage combo letting anyone dominate most of the maps. Plus I love the feeling of playing a game at like ~300fps! :D

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    That and 300fps in the Quake 3 engine gives you an advantage over those with lower framerates. Its the same in COD, some jumps can only be accomplished with a 150 + framerate…

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