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      Hey Everybody!

      My name is Barry Gallagher. Me and a few other people are making a game called Snow. We have been for a few months. Basically we are looking to restock the ranks as this is a volunteer game and people turnover is not slow. Hoping to restock with recruits who have freshly exited college or just people who decided it sounds interesting.

      Anyway, the blurb etc is below.. copied and pasted from gamedev.net I am afraid. Hopefully the html code works here :/

      Team name:
      DAGDA – Small but decent group of volunteer developers, including character artists, coders and a menu artist.

      Project name:

      Brief description:
      The game is essentially an arcade ski game, with the main focus being on the speed or racing element. We intend taking an unusual slant with how music is used in this game. We have been in production since the start of the year. All participants are either working full time or in college so progress on the game is done on a part time basis. The goals of the project are relatively realistic for our team… to finish and to enter igf. The game design is setup to be doable with our teams skillset while still having some new and interesting (but realistic) features for public consumption.

      Target aim:
      The main aim is to have a finished and playtested game by the end of production. Our secondary aim is to enter IGF 2009 and win.

      We have no real compensation at this time, except experience. We are a volunteer team. We do hire for money when absolutely necessary for the project but are self funded so keep that in mind.

      Engine – TGEA
      Platform – PC

      Talent needed:

      Coder – We have coders but having more would definitely help. It should be noted we are using TGEA which is a commercial engine, we do buy license’s for serious applicants on the understanding we get a fair amount of work completed from you. obviously if you have TGEA already that is ideal.

      3d artists x several – We are always in need of good 3d artists. Texturing instruction is given to those artist’s who can model but not unwrap and/or
      texture, but be aware some willpower is required.

      Terrain Artist – We are using TGEA as our engine. This engine allows terrain and we will be using terrain in our game. Basically we need someone to focus on making the terrain look spiffy. Overall you just need to be able to use photoshop and have a good eye for this position. A typical task would be say creating tileable terrain textures or altering the terrain either through heightmaps or wysiwyg tgea editors or possibly using Grome terrain editor (license will be bought for you if needed).

      Website designer – We currently communicate through a blog but need to create a website for public consumption. Nothing overly complex, just good quality and presentable.

      Promotional Artist – This person is basically responsible for promoting the game. Editing game trailers, creating web ads are some of the typical tasks here. We are not actively promoting our game at this time but want to give the person who signs up time to prepare.

      Team structure:

      Background modeller – Anthony

      Character Modeller – Jonathan
      Character Modeller – Dmitry

      Coder – Anthony Cosgrave
      Coder – Sameer
      Coder – Jeff Raab

      Concept Artist – Rich Smythe

      Menu Artist – Lucy Irving

      Tea Maker/Designer – BG – barrygallagher@bg-cv.com

      Coming Soon ..some pictures in our previous posts in the meantime!


      Previous Work by Team:

      Additional Info:

      previous posts:

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