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    Hello all and excuse my shameless advertising. RPGDX is having an RPG competition this month and the goal is to create a small RPG with the following properties:

    – It should include a snowy weather effect
    – Player (and possibly other entities) should leave tracks in the snow
    – At least some objects should be covered in snow.

    Maybe it doesn’t snow that much in Ireland, but December being winter in half the world and snow being typically limited to winter… you know, that’s why the theme was chosen.

    The deadline for the contest is the end of december, and you can subscribe to it on the Contest page on RPGDX (either individually or as a team). It would be great to see some Irish entries. :-)

    I am actually from The Netherlands but am currently enjoying a year in Ireland as a Socrates student at Trinity College Dublin. You’ve got a great landscape over here, which I imagine would look awesome when covered in snow as well, what would be the probability of that happening here?

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    Not sure if it’s desired/allowed in the comp. but I’m currently doing the music for a 3rd person RPG (Garagegames release). The client didn’t like the first title theme so I’ve done a new one they’re going with. Anyway, my point, I have 4 min. rpg style title tune gathering dust that any SERIOUS developer here could use if they want it for something like this (just give me a credit, no charge).
    http://www.whisperbetweenworlds.com/music/pc/FirstLightOfTheFifthDay.mp3 if you want a listen, and email me if you want to use it .

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    That title song is sounding really cool. A problem might be that most of the people at rpgdx.net are hobbyists instead of serious developers, including myself.

    I currently am not working on any projects that could benefit from your title song, but feel free to advertise it on rpgdx.net.

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    All I meant by ‘serious’ was someone that would actually finish a game, hobbyist or not it doesn’t matter :). I’ve done a fair few for mods and the like and then had the developers just fall apart or lose interest, it’d be nice to actually see one make the light of day.

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    Ok, I see. I have mentioned your offor on the rpgdx.net forums.

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    Ive entered, but i got the link from http://www.rpg-dev.net. Never knew you visited these forums Bjorn.

    Anyway, gotta run, should be a good compo tho :D

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    Heh, hi there mofu! I didn’t expect a familiar name here either. As I’m in Ireland now, I just thought I’d check out the Irish game developers site. :-)

    More serious, I am studying at Trinity College and the DUCSS organized a talk by Aphra Kerr, project manager and editor of gamedevelopers.ie. Naturally I decided to pay a visit. The talk was kinda interesting, but most of it was sad news about Irish game market with a lot of developers immegrating from Ireland to another country and the largest part of the Irish game companies just starting up, most doing mobile phone games. But there’s a big market out there, and with her research on the field we might just be seeing more stimulus from government/companies to fund this area.

    Oh, BTW, do you dare to be digital? I was planning on going there, but I don’t think I can join as I’m from The Netherlands.

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    heh, cool.

    I am in Limerick, I probably gonna study in UL but im not sure. At the moment im doing my Leaving Cert.

    Trinity sounds like a cool college, but its too expensive for me to live in Dublin Area. :(


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    Yeah, my living costs (bills, food and rent) are about 500-600 euros a month. This is a lot for me as well, but it’s only for a year and my parents agreed to pay this year’s study fees.

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    Bjorn, I wouldnt count on dare been only for irish people – i wouldnt be surprised if they let you compete – after all, you are a registered student at an irish university. I would be -very- surprised if you were disallowed.
    I suggest come to the next session, which is apparently the more concrete information session, to be sure.

    Furthermore, I spoke to the organisers of the project, and your allowed use work from college etc. with certain restrictions involving IP.

    So the game we have to make for 4ba6, for example, could come in useful, etc.

    Dont suppose you have art skillz?

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    Bjorn, the only restriction for Dare should be that you are registered with an Irish college. Last year there were Scottish, Irish, English, Icelandic and French competitors in Scotland!

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