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    Yes one month to get it completely wrong: So how bout these ten things happening in 2006 ?

    Sony’s GAA game such an overwhelming success that ‘nightclub carpark hurly’ is announced as a PS3 launch title.

    Enterprise Ireland throw up their collective arms and accept that flann o brien knew more about technology cycles than they ever will.

    FAS, Trinity, Maynooth, Queens and DKIT announce the development of a student package to elevate Irish graduates beyond internationally recognized standards. FAS to provide the building, Trinity the intellectual momentum, Maynooth the course tutors, Queens the multilingual examinations, DKIT will provide the brown paper and string.

    Idora to grow a beard for purely publicity reasons

    Mal to discover the precise definition of the word ‘practical’

    Dave Perry develops……….an even better relationship with the media

    GD.ie to receive golden spider award for booking the largest number of advance tables and other such critical shortlist criteria.

    Aphra to leave the research arena and buy a farm in county monaghan.

    bios level security fault found in Xbox 360 – turning US living rooms into online catflaps for the long lost sons of deposed Nigerian Royalty.

    Clevercelt to finally cop on.

    or maybe not !

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    Omen posts a topic where he isn’t moaning about something……

    *runs away* ;)

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    irish government recognise games development as an art form hence no tax to be paid by individuals working in the industry.

    Nintendo’s revolution is revealed to be nothing more than a dreamcast recycled\rebranded and repackaged..

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    Nintendo’s revolution is revealed to be nothing more than a dreamcast recycled\rebranded and repackaged..[/quote:e5e1139ebe]

    That would be sweet!

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    Nintendo’s revolution is revealed to be nothing more than a dreamcast recycled\rebranded and repackaged..[/quote:d8964fde1d]

    That would be sweet![/quote:d8964fde1d].

    Scary part could be closer to the truth if you were to believe the publicy of where they said specs dont matter and they may never publish them publicly… Heres hoping they tell us :)

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    I hope they don’t release the specs. It might matter more for PS3 or Xbox, but Nintendo for me is about games…..and no matter what the specs are, they will make some fantastic games for the revolution.
    I don’t even know the Xbox specs for christs sake!(seriously). I look at the games. If they are good I buy it.

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    :oops: – wrong button

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    Aphra K

    I think Monaghan is about the only place I could afford to buy anything…not that outlandish Clevercelt!!


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    LOL … Michael i think you hit the nail on the head

    :lol: that’s it 2006 .. sorted :lol:

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    Nokia acquires Gizmondo (Gizmondo), Tapwave (Zodiac) and Gamepark Industry (GP32, GP2X) IP on the cheap and quiet, and has another crack at it.

    Having smacked SONY one in the mouth with 360, Microsoft readies the other first and, surprising everybody and their dogs, announces that they will release a portable console by Xmas 2007, codename Y-Fronts.

    Jakks Pacific releases an AES version of their TV plug-in product, a full-size AES stick containing a dozen of the best-known Neo Geo titles, including Metal Slug, Puzzle Bobble, Fatal Fury and Samurai Showdown.

    GTA:Streets of Tallaght attracts, again surprisingly enough, Jack Thompson’s vengeful scorn and enough media coverage for Dublin to eventually bootstrap the Irish videogame industry, where the next big-selling genre across all platforms is invented. Needless to say, the game reaches summums of gore and violence, and the success for it which JT caused so paradoxically leads him to end his futile media-grabbing antics with a fairly bad rendition of Spiderman/Superman superpowers, when he jumps from the top of the Needle…

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    irish government recognise games development as an art form hence no tax to be paid by individuals working in the industry.[/quote:a59612ddfc]
    Programmers complain about their artist friends getting tax breaks. Irish government does a u-turn.

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    An Irish company publishes a non-mobile game :)

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    Now that would be something.

    Its a pity though the gaming industry within Ireland is so small.

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    Don’t get me started on the “amazing” outside (within Ireland) support to the Irish Games Industry in helping it grow. Scotland put their money where their mouth is & unless many changes happen soon enough to follow their model or something like will only leave the PC / Console industry further & further behind to where its next (if not already in its way) to nothing of breaking out of this country, never mind internationaly just yet.

    Hopefully very soon we might just see a non-mobile game published from an Irish studio (if not 2). Both won’t be the ground breaking titles that will set the world on fire but its far better than nothing.

    Just my own thoughts on this which i have a strong passion for regarding our industry.

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    – Pete pleads to get H-o-f-f phrases removed from the gd.ie forum restricted list :)

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    Pete pleading for Hoff to be set free? It might almost be worth dropping subtle hints that H0ff could be unbanned :)

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    > An Irish company publishes a non-mobile game

    LMAO! You don’t beat about the bush!

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    Nintendo announce that they are not interested in HDTV as they are bundling the revolution with a holographic projector.

    Environment and Alternative Energy Enthusiasts promote use of XBOX 360 as heat source for the living room.

    PS3 Cell processor gets photo realism just right, games still the same old SH**E.

    PC gamers announce that PC is not dead yet. Big surprise to few people too young to remember the launch of the other “next gen” consoles”.

    Turf powered rocket lands on mars. Irish win the space race.

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    Some fantastic AAA action

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    An Irish company publishes a non-mobile game :)[/quote:bf9f3b6d64]

    Irish companies have to start somewhere don’t they? Mobile games are big business. Any realistic non-mobile prospects next year?

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