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    Hi all,

    It always seems to be ages between my posts, so sorry about that. I really want to be more active.

    Anyways, I went and set up a Twitter account and a Facebook page for IGDA Ireland. From what I can tell nothing much has been happening recently so I thought I’d try and help give it a shot in the arm and get things going as the industry really seems to be picking up on the island.



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    Ah cool, thanks Pete.

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    Aphra K

    well there is talk of an Irish Games Industry Association in some circles..which I will be trying to follow up in a future feature..

    but your are right, the IDGA Ireland chapter has been dormant for a number of years and needs some new blood willing to take up the mantle to get it up and going again.

    am not on FB (!) but will follow on twitter..


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    Thanks Aphra.

    Yeah since I live in Vancouver now I do wish to just help out but for the moment I will give as much help as I can to get it all going again.

    I’ve started a Twitter list of Irish studios http://twitter.com/IGDAIreland/irish-studios

    and will be doing the same for Irish Devs so just let yourself know on Twitter and I’ll add you to the list.

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    Since there appears to be a lot of enthusiasm for the IGDA Ireland chapter I would like to ask who is really up for helping? This will involve helping to organize meetings, run the social media outlets and just helping everyone out.

    Just message me or send an email to geoffjnewman@gmail.com

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    I’ll handle that stuff John if you want – To the absolute best of my ability!

    I’m all about trying to get the network started here and generate a real community spirit, so if you’re up for that I will genuinely do everything in my power to help keep this going and I can kind of tackle it from two angles, with an office on the east and west of Ireland.

    What do you say? You up for that?

    Paddy M.

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    I’m not currently involved with the industry (try as I might!) but if you need any help while you’re busy kicking ass on the game dev scene, I don’t mind helping?

    Would feel I’m doing SOMETHING to contribute to it here then

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    Cheers Red –

    Any and all help is appreciated, keep up contact with me at info@openemotionstudios.com and we can try and keep some kind of organisation to meet ups, games jams etc.

    Cheers :)

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    Hey, I would love to help out.

    Let me know what you need.
    Do I need to be a member to help out?

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    Hey Guys

    I would be interested in getting involved.

    Im planning a seminar for ‘indie’ companies and start ups here in DIT
    in December, hopefully to tie into the GDI christmas shindig.

    Ill be sending out a call pretty soon for participants.

    The seminar will focus on ‘the state of play’ of our latest indie startups

    (1) what the are up to and how they have been getting on to date
    (2) what challenges they have faced
    (3) Look at marketing and promoting of indie/casual games

    It could also be a date to set for a formal meeting of the IGDA. I can supply rooms and refreshments.

    All in all this seminar will be an opportunity to link up and network, share ideas and then follow on with some creamy Christmas bevvies.


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    Just wondering guys, I was thinking there earlier that maybe I should get IGDA.ie and start throwing stuff up on it, but I’m wondering would it be a bit much with gd.ie here, the facebook page, the twitter and everything else?

    Or should we have a website as some form of banner for games companies, particularly new ones to unite behind? maybe something strictly professional?

    Thoughs? or am I rambling here?

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    Aphra K

    Last time I checked the link on igda.com actually brought people here to gd.ie

    There is however nothing stopping people getting a local branch of the IGDA set up again. You could have a separate website or set something up off gd.ie.

    or talk to the games ireland/IGAI to see if they will be representing new indie companies. I think this will come up at the State of Play event as I believe there will be some people from the IGAI there.

    I know I am now on gd.ie/twitter/Linked in/ and IGDA fora…not sure I could manage any more!


    PS I am happy to have more people involved in gd.ie and to add new sections/forums threads etc. Remember it is run by volunteers.

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