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    First of all, hello to everyone! First post here!

    Secondly, I hope that I am posting this in the correct section.

    I have been working on a fresh idea for sometime, an idea that I had 2 years ago while working in a very horrible job. I don’t want to give out too many details just yet (as I am sure you will understand), but to generalise, it is aimed at a mainstream audience and will be an online game.

    Im not just someone who has decided to string together a concept for a game. I received a FETAC from Ballyfermot’s LUDO course some years ago, (which is pretty outdate now) and I have spent 6 years working in live entertainment, 3 of those years spent developing talent for television.

    But I am not at all connected when it comes to any aspect of the gaming community, so I decided to start here.

    My question is; Does anyone have any advice as to where I can go from here? I have the concept fully developed, in a presentation format explaining everything. 2 years worth of work over all. I now just need to the right people to see it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    If you would like to take a look at my work, you can find it here: http://faceaway.deviantart.com/ None of the project is there at the moment, the site is just to show off my level of work.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

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    Aphra K


    there always seems to be a need for artists at game jams and we know there is one coming up at the Games Fleadh in thurles in March.

    before that there will probably be some face to face informal meets, including the KU launch this evening so you might come along to talk informally to people in the business.

    I guess you need to decide if this is a commercial or non commercial project and if the former you need to think out a business plan and try to put a team together. EI have some good supports for start ups and for getting together a business plan. Some folks on here would have more info on that.


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    Global Games jam will be in held in Dublin in Griffith college at the end of the month. Again artist are always in high demand.

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    Thanks to both of you for the advice. I will most definitely be there.
    Any advice on what I should bring/focus on? I have never attended one of these game jams before.

    To answer Aphra, it will be a commercial venture. I do not have a team, but I do have a marketing strategy lined out. My initial goal (and I could be totally incorrect here) was to talk to people connected that may be interested in developing the concept.

    Like I said, Im very removed from the game development community, but I am willing to learn as much as I can.

    Thanks again

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    Aphra K

    always happy to have more people involved and there are certainly some experienced teams already around, or you could recruit your own people if you put the money in place. There are various approaches.


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    I’m afraid ideas, and even plans, won’t help much in relation to getting a programmer/developer on board. They have their own ideas and plans, so you need to offer something more.

    You can do that by creating concept art and doing graphical mockups of the game (characters, levels, gameplay). You’ll need to do this upfront work if you’re going to convince anyone to work with you (I’m assuming it’s unpaid).

    Just to be clear, it’s never going to be the case that someone will take your ideas and create a game with it. Even if you posted them here, in detail, it wouldn’t happen. At best/worst you might inspire some ideas in other games.

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    Any advice on what I should bring/focus on? I have never attended one of these game jams before.

    Well if your going as an artist just bring your laptop , with whatever software you use (illustrator, gimp, maya etc), your drawing tablet if you use one . And some paper/posits to put ideas on.

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    Thanks again BCFESupermario, I will do just that!

    In regards to Faerdan, I have the concept heavily developed, in relation to character design, scenery design, marketing concepts, interface etc. Everything bar a financial plan, thats not my strong point.

    I strongly believe that this is a very fresh, very new idea. I believe in my work 100%, but I do appreciate your warnings. Like I said I am here to learn, but I do have the upmost faith in what I am doing.

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