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    See why here

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    Yeah, read that earlier…..must say, I had a little chuckle to myself. Nothing like seeing giants having to follow the rules and not liking it…… ;)

    What is even funnier is the fact that Microsoft had the sense to just license the technology when it became apparent that they were breaching copyright laws, thus not having to pay a huge(and growing) compensation. But Sony decide to try and use their considerable weight to fight….and have lost…..twice. It would be hilarious if the courts forced Sony to stop selling their hardware…..maybe then they might realise that they can’t simply breach another companies patents and expect to get away with it because they are “Sony”.

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    they thought that they could do the same thing as thre did to bleem, keep them in court till they run out of money and give up! nice to see sony get its cum-up-ings, still don’t think they will stop selling the ps1/2 some sort of agreement will be made

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