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    Hi all, I know this is way off topic, but Im going to be moving into a new house in the next 8 months, so I have started to buy some products on sale.

    One which I am considering is

    Sony Wega KV-32FQ86


    It comes with a stand, 32inches and has 100hz vertical and horizontal image, meaning it looks damn clean. I managed to talk the Sony rep selling them and I can get my hands on it for 800 euro, which includes the stand, a free Sony DVD Player and Surround Sound System. Personally I think its a great price, and I know I probably wont get this offer again, but Im reluctant to pay that much on a TV.

    So I was wondering if anyone has experience with Sony Tv’s in general, I would expect it to last no less than 4 years. Basically I want to knowi f anyone has any problems with them, if they break regularly or have any common problems. I have read some boards, and havnt heard anything bad, Im just curious as to the exact build quality. Any advice and comments you can give are more than welcome.


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    We have 2 Sony TVs in the house and we’ve never had one problem with them in nearly 5 years.

    My trusty little Trinitron in college has been rugby tackled (seriously :p ) and is still working perfectly so I’m going to say nice buy! :D

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