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    Here is news on the new soul caliber looking nice


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    soul calibur is a cool game.

    bought a second hand dreamcast just for sc2 (only cost 50 quid out of buy &sell for console, controller, keyboard, sc2, some crap soccer game and the cd box of some race car game, although i never got the actual disc).

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    Although it obviously isnt the same, isnt emulation of the Dreamcast now in that elusive “gray area” of the law where the original manufacturer isnt making profits on it anymore?

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    Well I mean when companies dont actively persue the developers of the emu tools themselves nevermind the ROMS. Nintendo are completely against emulation but theyve only ever gone after the emulators for their current consoles and left the SNES9x and ZSNES guys alone.

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    i don’t think sega have really been bothered about emulation. i have not heard of them “shutting someone down” also Icarus (the first dcemu) has been in developement for 5 years or something, and they never got bother….

    offtopic, CyRUS64 first emu was was a N64 emu called Daedalus, then Icarus a dc emu….. who can guess what his next emu will be called? (hint: taken from a classic game)

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    Kid Icarus from the Game Boy?? :confused:

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    no, wrong platform, originally a p.c. game but was ported to the ps2, the the p.c. version was the best

    Daedalus + Icarus = ?????

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    Well there was an Icarus and Daedalus in Deus Ex and the two of them together would be Helios! :)

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    Oh yea!

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