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    Ive just finished studying sound engineering in college, always wanted to work in games and was wondering is there much in the way of games sound done over here?

    Im just looking for experience at this stage.

    Any ideas, links etc, greatly appreciated.

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    Torc have an audio engineer postion….but…

    Minimum of 2 years sound design experience or at one or more completed projects within the games industry[/quote:83f79669b9]

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    Aphra K

    fitch might be a good person to talk about freelance sound and audio design..if it is more engingeering maybe some of the localisation companies like Vivendi or Microsoft would be worth contacting..


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    When I was there Vivendi did not have an inhouse sound person, extrapolation their usual practices I’d say they still dont.

    Microsoft outsourced to a small company of about 3 people…cant remember their names…one guy was called Steve….

    [wow, I am full of vague info huh?]

    Fitch should know the score

    (score…geddit….INSERT ‘GET COAT’ SMILEY…]

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    You’ll probably need quite a good pitch if you want to beat on their door and strike a chord in this sector. Am not sure of the salary scales.

    On that note, I’m off ;)


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    A lot of mobile game companies deal with freelance sound people. If you can make cool midi tracks and sound effects, it might be useful to throw together an audio showreel and send it to the mobile developers in Ireland long with a CV. You might get some work out of it.

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    Yup try the newly formed Popcap in Dublin…

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    Torc have an audio engineer postion….but…

    Minimum of 2 years sound design experience or at one or more completed projects within the games industry[/quote:b7d7a56764]

    Yep see thats the problem.
    Im only looking to get experience, I want to see mixing, recording and mastering actually in action for games, and possibly help given time, ideally.

    I wouldnt have the confidence nor ability(I think) or skills to actually look for a job, yet, I need the experience.

    I just wasnt sure whether much of it even goes on in Ireland.

    Hope Fitch sees this thread, hes been mentioned a few times.

    Thanks for the ideas people.

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    Start building a midi portfolio, at the same time take a look at popcap’s site. Somewhere on there they have a copy of their development framework, take a look at the sound section and make a few pieces, if you feel they aren’t specific enough then drop them a line.

    Oh and invest in some form of body armour….fitch is most definitely a she (and you should pm her rather than wait for her to respond here)

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    nifty .. :D i never even knew about popcaps framework there.. :D

    cool .

    crank .. drop me a line .. or head up to the next shindig :D

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    Thanks for the ideas people, much appreciated.

    Sorry about the he/she mix up.
    Would it be ok if I emailed you?

    ….the next shindig??

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    sure thing :D

    shindigs… not sure when the next one is.. but the birthday one must be coming up soon..

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    ….the next shindig??[/quote:09682b8b0e]Hi Clank, Shindigs are occasional get togethers by members of the community – usually in a pub and usually in Dublin

    Great places to meet the industry in Ireland and we even have ex-pat developers turning up from time to time

    The next one looks set to be the birthday Shindig in April some time. Keep an eye on the ‘Events’ forum for news

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