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    i’ve taken a couple of hours off this afternoon .. needed a breather

    here’s the result if you want to listen :D



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    Definately the kind of sound you’d expect in a space colony\strategy game. Possibly one of the orion games.

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    i was thinking halo2 when i did it… i’m an addict :D

    just need the time to enjoy playing it ..

    should see you at eurographics eh?

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    Wont actually be able to make it, working unfortunately :(. But looking forward to hearing the sca.

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    Nice one Claire – really like it -moody and has that Warzone 2100 feel to it!

    I could think of one roving project in particular to use that in ;)

    See you at Eurographics if you’re there!

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    Nice music. Checked out .fitchsounds.com and the samples are great too!

    Are you based in the Republic or the North? I know a couple of guys up at NWIFHE’s I.C.E. course that would love to sit down over a cup of tea, and ask you about a MILLION questions about Audio Design for Games, so if you’re ever in the neighbourhood…

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    Get them to come down for a shindig :)


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    yep.. shindigs are normally a good bet..

    i’m up by Drogheda.. so sorta in the middle :D

    and travel up fairly regularly too…

    we could meet half way . i like the tea in the north LOL

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    Shindigs it is! And I’ll tell them to bring some Northern Tetley Teabags down with them.

    Thanks again.

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    Gave me a dose of the BladeRunners. A great piece. Haunting, moody.


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    Shindigs it is! And I’ll tell them to bring some Northern Tetley Teabags down with them.[/quote:f392d61a78]
    None of that Northern Tetley Teabags at a shindig thank you very much!


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    It’s Tetley’s Bitter or nowt

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    does ONeills serve tetleys LOL

    been a bit of a vodka smoothie fan myself .. this summer :D

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    been a bit of a vodka smoothie fan myself .. this summer :D[/quote:7f8ac9cfeb]
    I’m not a vodka fan, but I’m interested in trying a drink such as this. For the good of my health obviously.


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    ya! health aspect got me hooked LOL

    i was at Ty and his wifes house.. and he being master smoothie maker .. well..

    i’m making them at home too now ! .. lovely

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    Vodka smoothies?
    What next?
    Garlic bread?

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    mmmmm….garlic bread with mozzarella….!

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    and a few slices of tomatoe. now i am hungry

    By the way, i really like that. Sounds good

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    At first I tought it was a rip off Homeworld’s soundtrack (my favourite game soundtrack, without a doubt), so I went and checked, but no! You actually did that all by yourself?! Thank you for a few minutes of aural bliss.
    I am truly impressed, but there is no little icon for “jaw dropping to the floor” :lol:
    I think maybe this one :shock:

    One word : MORE!


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    Ta :D philipe_j … all my own work !!! LOL

    yes.. this is what i do for my living original tunes for anyone that wants them

    there’s always more, just need the time to write them..

    working on a project right now and i think it’ll be right up your alley, if you liked this one. should be ready for public consumption end of Jan/ Feb ..

    take care and thanks for listening

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    You southerner’s wouldn’t know a good cup of tea if it was poured over ya’s….*grumble, grumble, grumble…*

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    And to think, we were considering bringing down some “McDaids Football Special” as a mixer for the Vodka’s, but obviously, your taste in tea tells us your an uncultured savage, who doesn’t deserve Donegal’s Best-Kept Secret (…Football Special that is…)

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    what’s this jediboy… ???

    tea ? wah ?

    if you’re mentioning that i didn’t make the IDGA shindig.. sorry .. had a big gig come up here .. i couldn’t turn it down as it’s a regular thing till christmas..

    i hear there’s a shindig possibly on the 16th though ? … will do my best to be there honest :D

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    No worries Fitch, those comments weren’t directed at you…

    (the bad people know who they are…)

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