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    Jamie Mc

    Hi guys,

    I would like to spark a debate and give people with business questions the opportunity to bring them up and ask questions and advice.

    I’ll do these through seperate threads on the Business & Legal forum and keep them there. Its been very quiet recently and I’m sure people have questions.


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    Marketting would be a good topic, I dont believe its covered.

    Not just Marketting froma mainstream point of view, but also from a budget restrained point of view.

    For example Microsofts Viral Campaign or other variants.

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    Jamie Mc

    Hi Ronan,

    Marketing on a severly restrained budget is exactly what I like doing >: )

    There’s a thread on the business and legal thread if you have any specific ideas you would like answering, I’ll be adding basic’s to build the area up into a resource over the summer when I have time, but if there’s anything in particular I should be able to answer it.


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    Sorry didnt notice it, I posted my recent marketting system, which is now expanding very rapidly. Im just looking for interesting variations to try out

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