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      so here it is, the apparant specifications of the Microsoft X-Box 2

      CPU – 3.5+ GHz PowerPC Processor, with 3 independent core processors on a single chip, each runs at 3.5+ GHz
      GPU – 500+ MHz ATI Graphics Processor, with 48 arithmetic logic unit (ALUs), Direct3D 9.0, Pixel Shading 3.0, Vertex Shaders
      RAM – 256+ MB of RAM, at 22.4+ GB/sec shared bandwidth for both CPU and GPU
      Audio – processed by CPU
      Media – 12X DVD Drive
      Controller – same as Xbox, but with additional shoulder buttons and removal of black and white buttons
      Ports – 4 game ports, 2 memory card ports, USB 2.0 port, VGA output optional
      Memory Card – 64MB


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