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    dunno if ye know, theres a group who made a movie which is supposed to be a gap filler for episode 3 and 4 of star wars.
    i currently have it downloading approx. 250mb.
    apparently the acting is meant to be pretty poor, but the special effects are meant to be excellent.

    anyway in case any of ye want to watch it, its freely available from here

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    Watched it a few days ago. Acting and script were both pretty poor. Effects are very good, though the choreography/direction kills any gains it makes in that area. All in all, as one can guess, i didnt think it was great.


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    still though id imagine alot of work went into it, seems to be a big cast & crew.

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    i’m with dave on this one – i saw it a few days ago, and it was an effort to see it through to the end, painful stuff.
    the cg bits were well done though, as was the music.

    that eyebrow scene in the middle’s funny though, when they’re in the ship, and the d00d with the long hair is all like – did you trust her visions…yes?…well then maybe she had a view of the bigger picture…and he does this massive eyebrow raise, its sooo cheesy, absolute class!

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    yeah i watched it there, got 10 minutes into it and the lead one was bugging me, crap actress. also anyone else notice the really thick american accents..

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