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    The first of Star Cave Studios Ltd. news has been released on GG.. here is the link:


    We also featured yet again in the GG news update. The link above features 3 screenshots of Terra: Formations.
    Any comments, thoughts are must welcome!

    We will be releasing alot of StarCave news in the run up to E3 as well a small army of StarCave troops will be attending the event!

    Stay Glued to GD.ie for more


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    Good Job on Terra: Formations
    Looking forward to hearing more news

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    Well done the screenies look very promising!!!

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    Aphra K

    well done guys…you are off to e3 too?


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    watched the trailer there. looks very promising indeed. i like that there appears to be lots of vehicles in it. looking forward to flying the alien ship

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    Excellent news guys! Well done, and bext of luck with Terra. :D

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    Thanks for the comments everyone :)

    Aphra, we are indeed going to E3

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    Nice work Keith!

    Are you guys at StarCave focusing on partnering with smaller indie teams around the world, using a similar set of technologies ( eg the Torque engine ), and handling the producing / sales / marketing for them?

    If so, it seems like a good idea and some of those teams look like they have great game dev skills!


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    News on these things will be released shortly Mal ;)
    It is about half right but we do partner with other Indie / non Indie studios across all gaming platforms, mobile, arcade, PC, console, TV.

    We partner with other studios and merge (SCS will always remain Irish owned tho) with others.

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