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    Aphra K

    Those in the west or those free on the 10th of August might be interested to know that Starcave are launching their first budget game ‘Camelot’, having a first birthday bash and officially launching their company at 7pm in the Eye Cinema, Wellpark Retail Park, Galway. Tickets for the event can be obtained from Niamh – full details etc. in the news article..


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    Damn, I’ll be out of the country till the 11th, would have liked to have made it. :(

    They’re halfway through their internship program, interesting…

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    Aphra K

    anyone make this event? Any reports back???


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    :oops: i was in the west yesterday.. never knew about the partay though.. was it invites only maybe

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    Aphra K

    well anyone could get an invite if you contacted them in advance for an invite…we posted it under news and on the forums I think…


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    doh! … oops .. never saw it hope it was a good one

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    Any word yet how the StarCave gig went down? I downloaded the AVI’s on their site, stuff looks great. Very Zelda-ee (which is of course, FAN-FECKIN-TASTIC in my book). The link to the demo EXE didn’t work though…

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    Got a link to the movies? For the life of me I cant find them.

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    then go to the download section

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    All the new videos are being uploaded along with the first draft of the new StarCave website incorporating all our teams sites along with it. We are working a major overhaul of all our websites which is going to take abit of time.

    We also recorded the whole day on video which we are preparing to release online as well for all who missed the show =)
    (37mb low res version)

    And to give you all a taste of things to come, here is the Making Of Camelot Galway that was shown on the day. The new CG version trailer will be online with the rest of the trailers on the new website very soon.

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    looking good very impressive. For some reason fable jumps to mind, thats gotta be a good thing..
    looking forward to seeing more from starcave.

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    haven’t played fable yet. any good? I mean I’ve heard so much hype, but thats usually in the same sentence as:

    “Wow thats some great original IP they’ve come up with…”

    So when I hear that, I think the bean-counter finance men are happy, but the actual players of the game might not be.

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    I was very disappointed with Fable, it promised to be open ended and very unique but again they lied. There was simple things that they could have donw to help the immersion – for example. The NPC’s all have accents, they could have made each of the villages (there are not that many) have unique accents (say Irish) and that way you could identify who was from which village when you met them.

    That is two strikes and out now….Black and White and Fable. Sorry Molyneux…I will never buy another of your titles ever. Just stop lying.

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    Interesting that you mentioned Molyneux. This months edition of GAMES-TM gives him a good ol slating.

    Article on Page 85, starts by highlighting the fact that the industry is being spear-headed by old-schoolers, who are too old and out of touch with the grass-roots games playing nation. Admittedly, I found the writer to be some-what “Age-ist”, as he pretty much stated that if your over 30, then you have no business in the computer games busines. A bit harsh, I reckon.

    However, the bit I did find interesting about the article was that the author highlighted a serious gap in the market-place, as there doesn’t seem to be any young-superstars (Wayne Rooneys of the Games World), or any form of Manchester-United-Style young training camps. (The author obviously doesn’t know about Robbie Hegarty’s ICE course…)

    Anyone else see that article?

    And was Fable really such a let down? It was on my “to-do” list, but the Knights of the Old Republic II came along, and the rest is history.


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    Yeah I read an article a while back slating Molyneux, for over hyping his games and then when they do come out how he whines that peoples expectations are too high.Though I actually quite enjoyed Black and White once it was patched, but overall I didnt find the level of freedom we were promised. The line between good and evil should of been more blurred, as it is life.

    Maybe when we start seeing footballer wages we’ll hear more about upcoming young talent.

    The video reminds me of the Harold Stibbons mod for UT2K4/Max Payne2. Similar style amd graphics. :lol:

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    Well Fable is coming to the PC soon so I’ll definitly give it a try.

    I’ve always admired Molyneux for his vision but as has been said, his execution recently has been abit flawed. That said his older stuff is still classic so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until his next game…that will be his third strike. :D

    As for young superstars..hrm the last that I can remember was Demis Hassibis but he got slated too, seems that most of the big players get it in the end if they put themselves too far into the limelight with their projects – Molyneux, Hassibis, *gulp* Romero to name but a few.
    The only exceptions I can think of atm are Carmack and Spector really…

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    the problem is the hyping of their games. if you are good at what you do and if what you say is intelligent and not blown out of proportion you will get respect. Constant lies and hyping will drive people against you and your games

    i suppose the word i am looking for is a slight bit of modesty

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    indeed, get the support of your fans, keep everyone up to date, let people see what you are doing and they will do the hyping for ya.

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    That being said there was a fair bit of media hype with Black & White apart from Molyneux and Jackson shouting their mouths off. They were asked to do development columns in the bigger magazines and they were always asked to do pieces on TV programs about computer games, after awhile I guess you begin to believe your own hype…

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    so the moral is become a recluse but every now and again stand on top of you hut with a megafone and shout your plans then go back hiding again.
    This way you will be well know for you eccentricities.
    your fans will hype your work
    and you wont get corrupted by the media. Simple

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    *dives back under blanket covering monitor*

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    am half way there!!!

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