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    I dont care if its straight to DVD, its got Ed Neumeier writing it……now all they have to do is get Paul Verhoeven back and I’ll be a very happy man!


    (and yes Starship Troopers 2 was rubbish)

    Good stuff!

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    Good to hear !, I loved the first film, the sequel was well…….I wont go in to that…lets just pretent it doesnt exsist.

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    I think the original ST is one of those films that people either loved or hated depending on if you got the OTT style of it.

    I saw ST2 – i think it was directed by the visual/special effects guy from the first movie.

    Kelly Carlson (Kimber from Nip/Tuck) is in it. :wink:

    Baaaad baaaaaad movie.

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    Did anyone see the CGI tv show?

    It was quite Space: Above and Beyond, but without all the tiresome philosophy. It was hamstrung by being percieved as “For Kids” aswell. It had some really good story archs and dark themes. Several main characters died, or worse, went insane from the grind of war throughout the series.

    They also struggled sometimes to fit the individual stories into a half hour format, and seemed clunky or cheesy now and again, but it really kicked ass.

    It deserved expansion into an hour-long series in my opinion.

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    Was that “Roughnecks” ? That was a brilliant show.

    It reminded me a lot of the Batman cartoons, it seemed to be aimed at a younger audience but have a lot of darker undercurrents.

    And i really liked Space: Above and Beyond too. I think its only been out on dvd in the last few months after lots of petitioning from fans.

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