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      I got an licence for ImpactJS in my Christmas stocking this year (that can go on the list of "You know you’re a nerd when…"). I haven’t really had much time to mess about with it bar the odd few hours the last two Sundays but so far I’m really impressed with it – it takes care of a lot of the problems I was running into writing my own JavaScript code, stuff like getting timers to work correctly, dealing with collisions and audio (my God it’s still a ‘mare of an issue with browsers!).

      I’ve started prototyping an idea for a Space Invader-ish game where the player controls two lasers – one of the X axis and the other on the Y axis – using the arrow keys. To destroy an Invader the lasers must intersect on that Invader. I have other plans for the gameplay but when/if I get them working I’ll post about them.

      At the minute everything is still very very early in development (just look at all the placeholder arts FFS!) and there are lots of things I still need to fix / figure out how to do with ImpactJS let alone the game play. However I thought I’d post here because it’ll force me to keep posting updates as I’ve made it public now :lol:

      Ultimately, I want to port this from a browser to an iPad web app where two people could potentially play the one game by each controlling a laser through touch events and synchronized tapping to fire their lasers.

      So, here’s a quick video (I don’t know what the lasers don’t always appear, they’re always visible in my browser!) of the progress so far: http://youtu.be/-78dDyxkVPg

      I would really recommend ImpactJS too http://impactjs.com/.

      Oh, and I can’t think of a name for the game yet, any suggestions are welcome! I just refer to it as "Dual" right now.

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