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    Has anybody out there registered their own company or started a business? I want to start a company in the next few months, and I just wanted to know roughly what the steps are to registering a name, getting tax numbers. A very rough guide would be great!

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    Hey Man, just wonderin what kinda type of company you plan to set up? What are your interests and skills? There is 24 of us doing a diploma next year in computer games design and we are already planning the set-up of a games company.

    We managed to get our hands on the mighty powerful Torq engine, similar to the havok engine, to use next year. At the end of the two years, we HOPE to have made a beta version of a fully playable game made, consisting roughly of 2 cut-scenes and 6-8 levels. This will be a first for Ireland. I hope this can lead onto bigger and better things… For example, Grand Theft Auto 1, was made as an end-of-year project by a group of guys in scotland doing a degree in games design. It was so good that they released it on the market and now, known as Rockstar North, have created landmark, million copy selling hits. Maybe this could be the case for us… Fingers crossed! Any advice for you, would also be a great help for us! Maybe if we all merged in the near future, we could build a huge gaming empire and take on Rare and squaresoft!!! :D

    Anyways, hope the startup works out for you guys, best of luck,


    Ludo B

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    Aphra K

    Hi all,

    INVENT, the business innovation centre in DCU holds monthly events where guest speakers talk about their experiences establishing a company etc.

    The April session of invent’s monthly Entrepreneurs Network Events will
    take place on Wednesday 30 April @ 6.30pm in invent.

    The Speaker is Joe Rowley, MD AGB Scientific Ltd and his topic is building a successful company.

    Joe Rowley set up AGB Scientific while still an undergraduate at UCD.

    According to the release I was sent ‘AGB Scientific is Ireland’s largest supplier of laboratory
    instrumentation, equipment, consumables and expertise, representing some
    of the world’s major equipment manufacturers. ‘

    You can find more info on this on invent’s site

    It is not exactly a games company but I am sure the business expertise is just what start-ups need.


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    The mechanics of setting up a company are straight forward but I would suggest getting a mate who is a solicitor to do it for you. I’m not sure what the exact costs are but there aren’t that great, stay in from the pub for a couple of nights kindof money I think.

    That’s just the start of it though as a company brings responsibilities with it, i.e. administration like handling tax returns, getting a bank account, handling contracts, invoices, landlords, equipment, phone, internet access, website, business cards, …….. or you can pay your accountant to handle a lot of that stuff for you. Lots of fun! :-)

    Seriously, I wouldn’t get too bothered about the mechanics of the thing, there are people out there who can help (Solicitors, Accountants). Use them! If you can find someone you know who will help you out for cheap, even better.

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    Before you do anything of this sort of thing, DO see a solicitor.
    I was at a talk recently given by a partner of a leading legal company in Scotland who was also in charge of IP legal issues within the company.
    The biggest bit of advice I could give is see a solicitor about IP issues. Make sure you know what exactly is yours, and is it IP, copyright, etc. Make sure your back is covered at all points. If/when you get to dealing with publishers this is the most important point that you need to know about because otherwise, as a first time developer, they will screw you if you don’t know exactly what the story. Chances are they’ll get away with this on a first release because you’re desperate to get something out there, but you have to know your legal rights on the matter to get the best deal.


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    Aphra K

    Hi all,

    For those in the city centre the next Dublin City Enterprise Board one day Ideas Generation Seminar/Workshop will take place on the 26th of April.

    Topics: Business Plan Preparation, Selecting a Business Idea, Marketing, Working for Yourself, Developing your Business.

    You can contact Susanne Loughran to register. e-mail sloughran@dceb.ie
    Tel: 6776068

    The seminar/workshop is free.

    More info on the Dublin City Enterprise Board

    Other entreprise boards run similar type seminars…


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