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    With Steam getting loads of new content from developers


    Warren spectors new game
    Red Orchestra UT mod
    Ragdoll Kung-Fu

    Will there still be a place for manifesto games distribution network?

    Valve’s Steam system will be the go to place for your Indie games fix…I can even see “Duke Nukem Delayed Forever” swapping over to use Steam



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    could you please explain what you mean by “Manifesto Games”?
    I was under the impression that Valve were precisely opening a new route for any indie developers who would want to eschew traditional publishers, which is something I consider a Good Thing(tm).

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    I was under the impression that Valve were precisely opening a new route for any indie developers who would want to eschew traditional publishers…..[/quote:43adc8f8d1]

    …..and thats what Manifesto Games are wanting to do too, hence me post :p


    [note to self: use ‘hence’ more]

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    I don’t think retail will die any time within the next 5-10 years so a new, developer friendly publisher is a good thing.

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    I am not saying anything about retail, I am just wondering will some of the wind be taken from the sails of Manifesto Games…

    I think more avenues (steam…) for developers to get a bigger slice of the pie is obviously excellent.

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    Another coup for Steam…Warren Spector has signed up to distribute new his studios new PC title over the network.

    Source + Spector = I like.

    Was there a pun intended at the end of that comment kyotokid?
    “the sails of Manifesto..” ?? :lol:

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    Just please god let his next title be better than Deus Ex 2, completely dropped the ball on that one in my opinion.

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    Yes but he wasnt involved in that project. He had moved onto Thief 3 as Project Lead at that stage afaik…

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    Groovy sig…. :lol:

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    Hrm, its a work in progress… 8)

    EDIT: And there we…that can stay for awhile until I get my hands at some Photoshoppage

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    (and it’s bloody huge, that sig, can’t you make it smaller?)

    Right, so Manifesto games is a company. I thought you were talking of a style of games, like that described by Ernest Adams in his Dogma games article.
    Anyway, I don’t see why there wouldn’t be any room for a competitor.
    One thing that greatly, nay immensely, annoys me about Valve is that it is completely and utterly dependant on the fact that you are a rich kid with a ADSL line.
    I am sorry, but I don’t have such a line. In fact, as I mentioned earlier on those forums, I only managed to play Halflife2 (which I _own_) thanks to my connections and a nice haxored copy of said title.
    I think that’s fecking ridiculous.

    So maybe Manifesto could try a slightly different approach?

    Anyway, yes, I think there is room. You just need to think and come up with something the competition doesn’t have :P

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    A bit of cometition in the independant sector isnt going to hurt any1.

    Its great to see valve give Darwinia a second chance. But in reality, for the most part, its only the hardcore gamer that buys these games.

    Johnny common loves his box and manual.

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    Hrm, while I do think that online distribution of games is a good thing and that systems like Steam which keep all your games up to date are a great thing, I really do think I’d miss that lovely feeling of walking into a shop, buying a game you’ve been waiting for ages to play, flicking through the manual on the way home from town and then throwing it into the CD/DVD tray for the first time when you get home…don’t think its anything to be ashamed of tbh! :D

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    But in reality, for the most part, its only the hardcore gamer that buys these games.

    Johnny common loves his box and manual.[/quote:49c68bddff]

    Emm…I would have thought that the hard-core gamer would love his boxes more. I’ve only ever returned one game to a shop and that was because I got it free and don’t own a PS2.

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    lol okay fair enough. In the case of steam though, the ultimate Half Life 2 pack was around the $135 mark, which i cant see some1 whos not a huge fan of the series buying.

    But i think its more that the games that are tending to pop up are indy titles, and i would imagine in general only advanced PC users would use services which download games to your pc, like steam or direct2drive.

    I agree with your box thing though, i still have all my Amiga 600 boxes stuck under my bed. And they aint small!

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    Yeah, thats crazy money and yeah, jope public isn’t going to use Steam until its recognised to be reliable, or they have to ( in the case of HL ).

    Ah, big game boxes and manuals with lots of interesting stuff in them. They were great…
    I remember I had “Battle of Britain:1940” on the Amiga, big box with a big manual. Had a full section on the history of the Battle of Britian. Was excellent. I miss things like that…

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    And the Sensible Golf Manual with ‘Golf: An introduction for Aliens’ section.

    I havent read a manual for a long time i must admit, but only because ive been binging on run of the mill First person shooters for a long time.

    Still, ive just gotten Civ4, and looking at the manual (which ill be forced to read) im glad its in my hands, rather then a 400 leaf PDF file.

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    Oh, speaking of big boxes, my lovely US Half-Life box, bloody HUGE tbh although there was feck all inside it. :D

    Biggest manual I ever saw came with Falcon 4.0 that my cousin got, can’t remember how many pages but I do remember it coming full bound in ring binder form, looked VERY detailed… :?

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