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    Ok, I’ve had my credit card details rejected 4 times with Steam.

    Any tips? You’d think they’d have it sorted by now….

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    Oh don’t get me started with Steam. Tried to have a quick 10 minute go on Half Life 2 the other day, steam wouldn’t do anything but download Half Life 2 : Deathmatch. Once it did that when I autoplayed the dvd and said play Half Life 2, the deathmatch version kept loading. Much cursing later, the shortcut in the startup menu worked. Fekkers…

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    I want to support steam (more money for the developers) but I cant even get to play HL2. I dont want to buy the box version :(

    Do I need to call the credit card company to sort it out?

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    Just off the phone with the credit card people.

    Its a Valve \ Steam problem . D’oh, dont they want my money? :p

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    There should be a option in the properties for each game entitled “don’t keep this game updated ya bastards!” which should then prevent any of that update stuff initiating, but I know whatcha mean, the number of times I have just turned off the comp.

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    Yeah but I easily got the cache from guys in work so I didnt have to download it. I didnt have tinterweb connection when HL2 was released, but now I do and still cant play it.


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    Yea all you need to do is save the critical files and Steam will download the validation bit again for you which is really fast.

    Not to ask a stupid question but is your credit card maxed out by any chance? The payment is done in real time so it could be that?

    I’m actually in favour of the whole auto update feature. I used to be sick of the whole, “Oh theres a nice server I’ll join that” only to be told that theyre running a different version than me. Fair enough it may be slow on dialup but its a small price to pay me thinks.

    I’ve used Steam lots and I’ve never had any problems with it. The only thing that annoys me is the fees they charge regarding lost/forgotten CD-Keys, even if you provide proof of purchase you still have to play something like $20 for them to give you a new one..

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    My Credit Card is fine. Just one of those techy things I guess.

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    Ah, strange alright. I’d just drop Valve an email, just have “I want to give you money” in the subject and see how fast they reply. :D

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    an email with ” I want to give you money” as the subject, i would think that it was spam, scam or a virus

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    You could always ask on the Steam Forums…but first watch this..


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    Got it working, it gives you 2 lines to fill in your address so naturally one would one spread it out to match the credit card billing address. However this is badddd, put your address all on one line.

    Bad news, it seems like the cached files I brought from work havent done much for me

    “1896 minutes until you can play”


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    lol ohwell,

    Is it then a burnable exe? And how much did they charge ya? Kinda curious now if they charge ya full whack and all the money goes to them or they keep it competative with the High Street stores.

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    The different prices for the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages still apply when purchasing over Steam afaik.

    I went with the Retail Collectors edition which i picked up from Amazon for the same price as the normal edition. I basically just wanted the full install DVD if anything went wrong and I couldnt be bothered burning the cached files onto a DVD… :D

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    There is an option for each game that says keep this game upto date, change it to don’t keep this game upto date. :)

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    Steam sucks. Simple as that.

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