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    Hi there,

    This might be interesting for you to have a look at, especially if you know some students who want to get into a course that will teach them some 3D game modelling skills.


    It’s a number of links to online levels that 3D modelling students at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown created in the last 4 weeks or so using one of our licensed educational applications, and after being taught the basics of 3DS Max in the previous weeks.

    There are some pretty fun levels in there, helping highlight ( hopefully ) the ease of use, and effectiveness to teaching students of the 3D car app.

    No programmers were involved in setting up any of these games… by following simple instructions, the students were able to customise the look and feel of their own levels, including music, title screens, in-game car models etc, so everything was kept creative.

    The latest free evaluation of the car app can be downloaded ( for free ) from
    http://www.candointeractive.com/gamedesign/car ( it’s free to try )


    Did I mention the free eval? :)

    Also, If you know of any colleges teaching multimedia courses, and with a 3D modelling module ( similar to this years Jordanstown course ), or if they are teaching full-on game design, feel free to send them the link ( i’d appreciate it a lot ).

    The module is pretty cheap for them to license, and the feedback from the students seems to be that most of them enjoyed using the app, rather than the traditional “wait for hours on short animation renders”.

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    Nice! I’ll have some fun with this after I’ve cut my teeth into 3DS MAX over the summer! :D

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    some very nice demos there.

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    Aye. The Back to the future one was very enjoyable, good racing level design. The fish one was a nice alternate take on what could be achieved with the software with a bit of thought, though a little difficult. My overall winner was the simpsons one – good level design, nice consistency in the world and presentation, and a nice range easy and difficult bits.

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    ya was looking forward to playing the back to the future game, but when it loaded and asked me to click to start it crashed my pc, brought up a window telling me that my geforce card driver was being stopped because of an error, then it changed my graphics settings (set them low, 640×480 low color bit depth and rebooted the pc.)

    probably just a glitch with geforce 5 cards.

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    I’ve just put up another tech level, using 3D models from the Trinity website, and some music from Claires website ( I don’t want to make the link to it on the main website before I check with her about using the loop )…


    This could be a pretty cool way of showing your low poly portfolio online!


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