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      Aw man this is tripping me altogether :(
      OK i have a model of the new knight rider car and i exported it from sketchup to XSI via the .obj container and that ok
      I export it to a valve compatible SMD and still all is ok
      So i try to compile it as a static_prop for the HL2 engine and i get this error

      ERROR: too many indices in source

      What does that mean
      too many polygons maybe cause it has alot of triangles i mean alot
      and if so is there any way i can reduce polygons i XSI or should i bring it into MAX?

      I would appreciate your help on this

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      Sometimes when using obj as an export format, all of the vertices become unwelded, leaving you in this case with a car shaped "polygon cloud" which will have many more verts than it should as none of the edges will share a vertex. These coincident vertex points can cause problems when exporting to game engines so check the obj for errors.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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