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      I thought you guys might enjoy this. It’s very manga orientated…:

      source: http://www.popcultureshock.com/news.php?id=444

      Super Cosplay War Ultra is a well-made 2D dojin fighting game. It’s easy to see the influence of Capcom’s Pocket Fighter in the gameplay and control scheme if SWCU. What makes the game even sweeter is the fact that it is 100% free. SCWU isn’t like those other cheap, crappy freeware fighters because it is packed with fun gameplay, fluid animations, wild combos, and secret characters all presented with some very high quality sprite graphics. All of the fighters in SCWU are super-deformed anime style characters who morph into well-known anime characters (and a few other well-knowns) during their moves and combos. Even some of the supermoves are taken straight out of anime shows. Add some crisp sound effects and well done voice acting and SCWU is a game that any anime or 2D fighting game fan must try. PCS is now serving the download for this hot, quirky fighting game. Get it while its HOT! [/quote:f3524e965b]

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