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    (weird subject title i know!)

    I’m having a terrible time trying to get my desk setup at home for working at my PC, i’m 6 ‘5″ and trying to find a chair/desk that are the correct height, and as a result i get the usual back and forearm pains from having to “make do”

    the worse problem has been getting a chair that’s has everything at a comfortable height that doesn’t cost a fecking fortune or feel like its going to crumble when i sit down in it.

    anyone else have this difficulty?

    or know somewhere that does chairs/desks/office equipment for the “taller” person?


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    Prop up the monitor on phone books to be level with you eye line, it may help you sit up more. Sorry I cant really think straight at the mo, so I might be misunderstanding your predicament.

    Ivan (5’10″….on a good day)

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    Prop up the monitor on phone books to be level with you eye line[/quote:ed31ea97fa]

    I’ve got the 2002, 2003, 2004 Yellow Pages for the 04 Area under my monitor already, and i have a flat panel so i can push it far enough away from my eyes to get a straighter posture.

    i was more wondering if anyone knows anywhere that makes bigger office chairs or desks.

    argh, why couldn’t i just be “husky” and not too tall, life’d be so much easier


    but thanks for replying!


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