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    hi folks

    turned my computer on today this morning in work and i got a beep with error

    alert! System Battery Voltage is low

    anyone know what this is. pressing f1 allowed me to continue loading up the computer.

    yesterday morning i had a similar message only it said the graphics card could not be found in red text in a dos environment before the post.

    using a Dell xps gen3 machine. ive basically reseated everything still happening.

    any help on this would be great

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    It’s been ages since I’ve been doing stuff with hardware, but the computer beeping on startup can mean different problems ( depending on the number of beeps etc )

    Things such as the the graphics card can’t be found ( which is why it beeps, as it may not be able to show the error ), or a problem with the memory.

    It’s weird that you have a voltate low error message relating to your system battery ( which is used to store BIOS information, such as date, info on the hard drive etc ). Also, it not finding your graphics card, especially after re-seating it, is strange.

    It might be worth replacing your power supply unit… if it’s faulty, it may be the reason that the voltage error appeared, and if it is gradually getting worse, it may not be able to power the ( probably souped up ) graphics card.

    Hope that helps a bit! If it does, you owe me a few of those pints from the wedding up in Derry back :P


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    aye something dodgy goin on inside the machine. on dells usually beeps mean something is wrong with the memory, so im gonna just try taking evrything out and putting it back i n again. think your right could be something to do with power supply. cant see it being the cmos battery all bios settings time etc are fine. its weird. computer switches itself off too when im switching between 3dsmx photoshop and Reality. ran diags on the fan and processor. they all passed.

    do i still owe you pints if i cant remember the night haha. i havent drank since ;)

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    Right they’re two very different errors. One is PSU related I reckon, in the c case of the graphics card, and the other is motherboard battery.

    First thing to do is check the rails on that powersupply of yours. There are several freeware programs that do this such as Speedfan , I use A.I Booster/Asus Probe II on mine. That will tell you how your PSU is coping with the system load, the voltages across the rails should be a max of 3% off the guideline voltages i.e 3V, 5V and 12V.

    Next, if the PSU turns out to be alright its disassembling time. Try booting up with some components disconnected and see if your getting the same errors. If this leads to the same result then its the last issue I’d start looking at…

    The CMOS battery on your mobo might be gone but for a Gen 3 XPS it would be strange if that was the problem, if it turns out to be this ring Dell, plain and simple.

    Overall it sounds like a PSU problem though pretty must just not giving your system enough power when it needs it. Oh and as a matter of interest what temps do you have when your pushing the system?

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    Aye being such a new system its unlikely to be the CMOS battery… I’d check to make sure the battery is in securely. We had a customer a few months back who bent back the metal holding in the battery “by accident” when installing new hardware on the motherboard….. I still think he did it just to annoy me.

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    Yea its more than likely a PSU problem due to the graphics card problem, it was just that first error that made me think CMOS.

    Take it from someone whos blown two PSUs before, they’re fun. :D

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    I’ve been electrocuted twice and had a motherboard blow up in my face… am amazed I’m still allowed near some of this stuff

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    Ah the beauty of my exploits was that it was all my own hardware so I had no one to answer to but myself….although there were a few questions asked when I tripped the trip switch and all the lights went out in the house. :D

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    Ah yes but then you have to foot the bill if anything goes wrong. I once stuck a metal key into a Laptop power supply forgetting it was still plugged in :oops:

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    And that, my good man, is what makes OCZs “Break it anyway you want and we’ll replace it instantly” warranty so great! Now if it damaged any other components THEN there would have been war but it was good and only killed itself twice.

    Clever bunny on the key incident btw! :D

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    I was being distracted by a female classmate at the time… :oops: I’m easily distracted women and shiny things in general….

    Nothing scarier then seeing smoke coming from something you’ve spent a couple of thousand on. Must give OCZ a try, I tried Tagan wouldnt use them again two PSUs faulty the first one was why the motherboard exploded and the second one I just caught it in time before it destroyed a second motherboard… Be warned just because the standby LED on a motherboard is only dimly lit doesnt mean there’s more power running through than a small village….

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    Well I went through two OCZ PowerStreams myself. First one blew upon power up, either faulty, I wired it up wrong or it was a US model, never asked what was officially wrong with it. My second one died in a power surge we had in the house, luckily the PSU jsut killed itself and nothing else was damaged. It was funny though, in a way, as my PC was the ONLY thing I own that I didnt have on a Purge Protected extention cord, irony eh! Anyway I still swear by them, they’re stable as hell, are fantastic for overclocking and look the business too.

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