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    Hello everyone,

    I’m still nonchalantly browsing the web to find a course to take me from Multimedia into the games area. I’ve found these courses in Teeside, which, conveniently is just up the road from somewhere I might be able to get free accomodation! ;-)

    Anyone know anything about these courses? Quality? Industry links? Personal experiences?

    MA Computer Games Art

    MSc Computer Games Programming

    Your comments, as ever, appreciated ;-)


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    I know Rare in the past have hired off the Msc and the Undergrad games programming courses.

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    Aphra K

    sorry John, can’t help you with these..


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    Hey John!

    Good to hear from you! Glad things went well for you at Next-Fest. I dont know if its much use to you, but myself and Phil actually have a place on the games course, commencing in September. Were in the process of finalizing accomodation etc. Since its too late to send in your UCAS, i assume your talking about going next year- september 06. Well we are skipping the first year and are probably only going to be doing 2 years there, skipping the years work experience. But i can gladly answer any questions you have to the best of my knowledge, as it stands, and i can certainly give you some feedback during the college year as to how its going etc

    But Teesside seems to be the pick of the bunch in the UK. Apparently they have spent mutli-millions on new labs recently including a 12 camera motion capture studio :D So im really looking forward to it anyway.

    Talk soon,


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    hull also have a very good msc in games programming. Also most of their grads go to work for codemasters, rare, rockstar,sony etc.

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    I know one guy doing the games msc course in Hull this year who did his undergrad at Teeside. The project work I’ve seen looked pretty good, including an impressive raytracer from final year. Don’t really know too much about the course aside from that.

    As for facilities, afaik they have XBox devkits, and the mocap suite is nice, but most universities doing games programming or animation over here seem to have them now (Hull does, so does Bradford) and if the course is as intense as the Hull one you won’t have the time to get near motion capture work unless you use it for your dissertation project.

    I can definitely recommend Hull, especially since Jon still has a piece of my work up on mscgames.com :wink:

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    Cool, Hull is sounding good. I’m still only looking at this tentatively for the acaemic year 2006-2007 but I’m gonna have the chance to visit Teeside in September for a look around. Paul, maybe you’d post here after you arrive over there – if you’re there in Sept we can go for a pint!

    Thanks for all you comments. If anyone browsing has the word on Teeside please throw your spoke in – I’m sooo tempted cos it’s location is perfect!


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    Aphra K

    I see there are a couple of people from Teeside presenting next week at the women in games conf..I will try to find out more!


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    Paul, maybe you’d post here after you arrive over there – if you’re there in Sept we can go for a pint! [/quote:d6b22e5418]

    Sounds good John,

    Yeah i will definitly keep you informed of the the year unfolds. Although im working for the RTE at the moment, by the looks of it, ill alot more work to do outside of college :/ Either way, ill post up some project work etc and will make sure that youre kept up-to-date with the years progession.


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    There’s an article about Games courses in the UK in this month’s Develop magazine. Apparently there are lots of new courses appearring that may not be up to scratch and there is a hope that there will be a regulatory body created.
    It does list some that are recognised as being good and some of those listed are Abertay, Liverpool (john moore?), Hull. There could have been more but I only quickly glanced at it.

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    Perhaps we should become the regulatory body… post your dodgy experiences to gd.ie for the world to see :-) Wonder how they’d like that – bunch of Irish doing a daily audit!! hehe!

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