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    Terra: Formations has featured on the GarageGames Snapshot of the Day right after the Illumina snapshot. The Indie Games Conference is happening next week as we build up the profiles of all our titles to it.


    Terra: Formations is featured on the Torque Shader Engine version. Thoughts / comments of your feedback is always welcome :)


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    Interesting design, great visuals and very strong presentation…Nice work!

    There’s a lot more material (screens and concept art) in Blake’s post on the linked page on GG above – well worth a look for anyone who likes what they see so far – maybe you can post those here too Keith?

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    Possible Wallpaper?

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    how many vehicles does terra have?? whats the usp’s of terra? looks really nice by the way. characters are fantastic!

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    some class screenies there. love the concept art too. get a halo feel from the screen shots. always a good thing in my opinion.

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    Some nice looking stuff there guys

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    Looks the part. Loving the characters and world geometry.

    I don’t want to appear snooty but here we go.
    The world geometry is really really well put together but it does seem that you have a few texture tiling artifacts going on in some of the shots.

    It’s probably just me getting anal again (!!hold your tongue Philippe_J!!) but I truly believe that good texture positioning/selection is as (if not more) important as the geometry it’s being applied to.

    For instance, (If you have played the FEAR SP demo)
    there’s a section as you enter whatever facility it is you’re infiltrating. It’s the part you discover a dead body in a dark side room. If you get close to it you get the little scary girl running behind you.
    This section is comparable to Volvo cars. Boxy but nice. The geometry in this section couldn’t get any simpler but has been textured beautifully. Appropriate textures, great placement and no seams.
    That and add excellent lighting (I see they have cube lights rockin), a few well placed triggered events (the grill suddenly popping open, the rats running towards you etc) and suitably oppressive audio and you have a great scene with little geometric effort.

    Don’t get me wrong, the stuff looks GREAT. I just believe with a little care it could be something beautiful.

    Keep it going.
    So when do we get a demo?

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    My only negative comment is that the building is all the same colour… looks very plain. Its hard to identify areas of definition

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    Well, the picture (that last one with the three guys) is quite cool, technically speaking, but I don’t know about a wallpaper…
    you need a better balance of colours, and possibly improve the framing of the characters a bit.
    Say if you want your main character to be the green guy, then make it a brighter shade of green, and make the background be more towards the red side of the spectrum. And dont put the orange guys on the sides, as they are distracting you from the “main” guy.
    Or go the other way around: orange guy is the main character (where the green guy stands rigth now), with two blueish/greenish guys behind, and blues for the background, possibly with darker orange highlights (that would go with the orange of the main guy).
    It’s all about colour coordination, IMHO.

    The big poster type pictures with various screenshots is very nice, though. And since it’s not a wallpaper, you don’t have to worry about composition as much (or it’s not the same advices that would be useful).


    p.s. MooTV : you know, I thought the levels in Dreadnought were very blocky, too. I mean, superbly textured blocks. But still blocks. Apart from that really cool engine shaft sort of passage (with the rotating thingies all around you), now _that_ was cool.

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    Terra Formations is coming on very nicely, Keith. Looking forward to seeing more

    Keep up the good work

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    Thanks for the feedback :) Just a note to the few questions is that since Terra moved from TGE to TSE recently these screenshots only represent at best of 1% of the development to date.
    Terra is heading into a major dev cycle now and as for the buildings we are going for a 1980’s James Cameron style..

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    Not to be greedy… but when can we expect new screenshots….

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    Any chance of a demo in the near future.

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    Any chance of a demo in the near future.

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    We will be going to the Austin GC at the end of October and im sure we will have some new screenshots by then. As for a demo expect at least til the end of this year to early next year on it.

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    Looking forward to it.

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    Go on, givvus a vid so!

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    ya :D gowaan .. :D i’m dieing to see and hear what you’ve been up to

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