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    I’m just glad it all turned out ok in the end, very close call though….phew!

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    Give yourself an award for the most pointless thread ever, Dave!

    While we’re on the subject, is it just me or has she aged five years over the past twelve months? It must be the stress of spilling wine…

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    Wow…at least it had a happy ending, poor woman. I’m just glad I don’t have to go through such horrors, I’m really lucky.

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    See, thats what makes celebrities superior to us; they suffer adversity and still manage to go on…somehow

    We could all do well to learn from this noble woman.

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    Indeed, she is setting an example to everyone with how she handled this difficult and trying situation. I used to not like Teri Hatcher, but I can safely say that she now…..my hero.

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