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      and more recently

      Case dismissed: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/12/crippen-dismissed/

      Seems dubious at best, that it was not until the Judge reminded the prosecutor(s) of the tests of Law, specifically

      that the government had to prove Crippen knew he was breaking the law by modding Xboxes

      That the lead witness for the Prosecutor then *suddenly* remembered that after the accused modded his Xbox, he used an illegal/copied disc into the xbox to test the circumvention worked.


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      Wow… based on that quote there it would imply that ignorance of the law IS a valid defence. No judge I didn’t realise there was a speed limit on the free-way… cannabis is illegal here? … What do you mean my friend can’t give me hints about upcoming announcements from his publicly listed company?

      But yeah as soon as it emerged that the prosecution may have acquired their evidence illegally then that case was only going to go one way.

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