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    Hi there,

    If you have ANY 3D modelling skills, or if you have none but have 3DS Max / Maya or some 3D modelling package installed ( or backed up ) on your computer, I’d really really appreciate your helping testing this app out.



    Either no 3D skills, or a lot of 3D skills I’d really like to get people with a little or no 3D modelling skill to test it out, and also get some people with a lot of 3D skills to give feedback on it.

    If you have any 3D modelling app installed ( Max, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, TrueSpace, GameSpace, Cararra, formZ, SoftImage XSI, Blender ( contact me offlist for XSI and Blender ), you will be able to test it out.


    Here’s the link… it’s a 6Mb download, including
    – a sample 3D scene for you to load, change, export and drive around.
    – the .EXE to run it from your hard drive
    – the files required to upload it to your website


    Also, send an e-mail to testers@candointeractive.com for more information, to be kept in the loop regarding updates, or to claim your free drink for helping testing the app :)


    – Download the app
    – Load up your 3D application ( eg Max )
    – Load the 3D scene from the .ZIP file ( in the 3D scene folder )
    – Export the scene as Shockwave 3D ( file->export [ Shockwave 3D format ] ) over gamelevel.w3d in the main folder
    – Run the .EXE

    Now, go back, change the level a bit, and re-export.

    Hopefully your changes will be reflected immediately.


    If you need further instructions, read the INSTRUCTIONS.DOC in the .ZIP file


    If you are a beginner 3D modeller…
    – create an empty scene with a ground box, and a van box called carStart
    – Export this as above, and run the .EXE to view it
    – Now, start adding more items to the scene, texturing them etc
    – Read the documentation about moving objects, pickups and triggers, and add a few of them to the scene

    If you are an experienced 3D modeller…
    – take an existing 3D scene
    – create a 3d box, called carStart, and make it roughly the size you’d like the vehicle to be
    – export the level as above, and run the .EXE to view it


    For brownie points, read the docs, and upload your level to your website and send your link to testers@candointeractive.com or to this gamedevelopers.ie forum.

    Also, send general feedback or discovered bugs to testers@candointeractive.com, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

    Thanks for any help you can give us, we’re hoping to have this finished in the next 4 weeks or so, so we are very grateful for any feedback etc!

    Best regards…

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    hi mal, well i think i will be a tester because im helping a lecturer teacher 3d max in IMD (jordanstown) and we are useing you app if i’m not misstaken. just got 3d max installed yesterday, but at the moment i’m not sure what my role is, might make a desktop video of me doing some simple stuff, which the lecturer can show during the lecture, we did that for Flash.

    so i will be useing it at some stage soon, but i have lots of other work

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    Hey Patrick,

    Yep, it’s the same one that UU Jordanstown will be using this semester, so I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts on it when you get time to have a look at it.

    If there are any other 3D artists out there, or better still, coders with a bit of 3D modelling experience, I’d be keen to hear how you find it it use.

    Thanks in advance…

    EDIT: Hey, we got IODT on FlipCode! http://www.flipcode.com/ ( if you view this in a few days, check out the IOTD archives )

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    Hi Mal
    I’ll be a tester for ya if ya want, I’ve already used you engine a good bit and pretty much have a level made up in it so far. Just tell me what you need me to do…


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    Hey Paul,

    > Just tell me what you need me to do…

    Pretty much just download the latest version of the app at the link above, and try to create a few different, diverse types of level.

    Here are a few advanced things to try out, as you’ve already got the basics of the app…

    Particle effects…
    Time limits…
    – see info on gameinfo_timelimit_90
    Check Point Zones…
    – with time additions: checkpointzone_03_time_20

    Use your own 3D car model using carSkin

    Finally, test the app from a folder on your website to see if it works OK.

    I’m looking forward to seeing your levels!


    BTW if anyone knows a lecturer or student on a 3D modelling college / uni course, or a games specific one, please send them the link so that they can check it out etc.

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    My name is Stephen,

    Im really into computers and i would love to learn game programming!! Unfortunatly i cant write in any programming language but i’m willing to learn!!

    I just acquired a copy of 3DS max 7 and im willing to test the program!!

    What ya want me to do???????????

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    Hey Sully,

    Download the .ZIP file from the url in the first post ( http://www.candointeractive.com/gamedesign/car ), read the quick instructions, and start creating levels with the app, to see how easy / difficult it is to use etc.

    Thanks for offering to help, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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    Ok Mal,

    Ive been messing around with that project for the last few hours and to be honest it does seem quite easy to use!!

    The only trouble im having is i dont have a bloddy clue how to use 3DS Max!! :)

    I was changing graphics and adding more bulliton boards etc… and suddenly the sky disappeared and went black!!

    Anyways i’ll keep going with it for a few weeks!!

    Hope this is helpful!!


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    Hi Sully

    > Ive been messing around with that project for the last few hours and to be honest it does seem quite easy to use!!


    > The only trouble im having is i dont have a bloddy clue how to use 3DS Max!!

    :) Hopefully the speed of export, and ease of use, will encourage you to learn the basics, and even some advanced features, of the app.

    The app is aimed at being used in a lecturer environment, where you would have guidance and supervision from a experienced 3D modeller in the same room… it seems like you’re getting along well on your own, even though you’ve only had Max a short time!

    > I was changing graphics and adding more bulliton boards etc… and suddenly the sky disappeared and went black!!

    You might have deleted or re-named the skybox object. Press ‘h”, and look for the object. If no skyBox exists, you can either create a new one ( this is sort of an advanced feature, when it comes to texture mapping the various faces ), or merge the skybox object from the original .MAX file.

    If you have saved over the original file, you can download the .ZIP again to get the original Max file.

    > Anyways i’ll keep going with it for a few weeks!!

    > Hope this is helpful!!

    Extremely! It’s great to see that you are willing to continue the app, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in a few weeks time!

    Just a quick note…
    Try changing these files in the same folder as the .EXE
    – vanlogo.jpg ( change van colour, add your name to the van etc )
    – title.jpg ( title screen )
    – add a gamewin.jpg and gamelose.jpg, same size as title.jpg
    – music.mp3 ( the background music )
    – numberplate.jpg ( create a 5U117 numberplate for yourself :) )

    Best regards…

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    i think i will be making step by step videos on how to use max and mals app, for the class (did the same thing for flash), they will be up on the net so you could use them for help

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    That would be brilliant Dark, just let me know where to find them!!!

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    Hi again,

    Sorry, dont mean to be annoying but i was reading the instructions again and i was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to make a tag in max and how to add an image too.

    e.g, if i make a box that i want to be a building, how do i texture it by putting a different image on all 4 sides??



    P.S Mal, ive already done all that stuff, thanks anyways!!

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    Never Mind :)

    I figured it out, this program is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Sully,

    you got it working? UVWUnwrap is supported in this app, and would be the prefered choice for complex texturing, and UVWMap works for simple mapping (as in the box you refered to).


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    Yeah Thanks,

    i got it working im making the game now!!

    Its based on my website sonypsp.co.nr,

    ya have to collect the psp boxes to open up the next part of the game, (the subway) then when you’ve collected all the boxes, the exit house will open!!

    Along the way you can pick up Psp games that will give you 30 seconds extra!!

    I have the first part done im just working on the second, the subway!!

    I should be finished soon enough!!

    This app is just cool though, only figured out today how to render and so on!!

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