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      Hi All,
      I’d just like to thank all of you who turned up to hear Rune Vendler and myself (Paul McLaughlin) talk at Trinity last night. We enjoyed meeting you all very much, both at the venue and in the pub afterwards. Particular thanks to Dave Kearney for getting in touch with us in the first place and Fergal Reid for helping to make the process smooth and painless.

      My main concern is that our presentations might not have been particularily useful or targetted correctly for the audience (if it was it was pure fluke). When people go to the trouble of inviting us to do this sort of thing we like to make it worth their while.
      Personally I found the more freeform conversation down the pub very rewarding but it’s difficult to count on that being the case after the fourth pint.

      Anyway, I’d be interested to hear any feedback and even better take some suggestions for topics and scope should we do something similar in the future.

      For that matter if any of you want to contact us with specific questions we’d be happy to respond.

      All the best,
      Paul Mc

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      Really enjoyed the talk. Rersonally I think you got it spot on, in particular the technical issues that Rune addressed, I found excellent, although I’m an engineer, so I’d be biased! Your own talk on the creative pipeline was something I personally, had never heard/read much on, so it really was of benifit.
      Was great to share a few pints too.


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      Aphra K

      Thanks guys for the talk- both were informative for me given that I am a sociologist- I’ll pay more attention to fur on creatures in games from now on.

      Paul – I will photocopy those papers this weekend and put them in the post to you..


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      Hi Paul,

      both talks were spot on in my opinion, and complemented each other quite well. Your own discussion on the production pipeline, etc. is one that rarely gets addressed, as far as i can see, outside of GDC and the like.

      One suggestion I would have is to have a version of your slides/notes that you can hand out afterwards or make available for download – as we often get asked for copies of the presentations, both from those who were present at the talk and some of those who couldn’t make it for one reason or another

      Thanks again to yourself and Rune for a very informative night, and to Dave and Feargal for organising it

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      Paul and Rune,

      Thanks very much for the evening, it was really inspiring aswell as informative. Hopefully more events like this are on the way over the next while.

      Thanks again guys, it was a fantastic talk.


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      To echo what has been said already I think that it was a fantastic and enjoyable talk. I came down to Dublin so I could find out more about an area of development that I did not know too much about. I found the matters discussed to be of great interest, particularly when telling us more about lighting. If it amazing how much time is spent to ensure that these details are as realistic as possible.

      Thank you to Paul and Rune, hopefully you’ll both get Dimitri finished off before you retire. ;)

      Also thanks to Dave and Feargal for putting this together and giving us all a great night to remember… So Dave, what time did you finally crawl back home at? ;)

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      Aye, cheers to both Paul and Rune for giving an excellent presentation, and for hanging around for to talk to people and answer questions afterwards.

      I really hope you both enjoyed the trip (work as it was), and that you will consider doing it again some time :)


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