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    …is making a come-back!

    Thanks to Codemasters, Sensible Soccer is bakc next year! :)


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    pro evo 4 is the best footie game ever.

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    Didnt they try this before but the project got canned… could be mistaken though.

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    pro evo 4 is the best footie game ever.[/quote:9f6eb7eea8]

    Have you played Sensible ??

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    yip. good game. but no where as amazing as pro evo 4.

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    Sensible world of soccer was the best football and managment game ever !

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    yeah, was. now, pro evo 4 is. :D

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    pro evo! and managment game football manager 2006

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    there was a Sensible soccer 3D, but it sucked, if i remember right

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    Well it would, Sensible is about the top down view and Codies are going back to that.

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    As I’m not a football fan I haven’t a clue of any of these questions… yet won out of shear luck :lol:


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    By the way, this wasn’t a question. It wasn’t even an opinion. It was a statement of fact, so I don’t know why people are disagreeing.

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    Dude, are we talking about that good old game from the Amiga?
    That’s like the only football game I have ever played… (and that in itself was an exploit, given how little a fan I am)
    I’d love to see what they do with such a great classic!

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    They are going to have to do something very differant to make this sell, because in todays graphics driven market it will find it very hard to compete with Pro Evo or even Fifa.

    Right now the only people I see even thinking of buying a classic style Sensible Soccer game are the fans of the orginal, for nostalgic reasons.
    Maybe this would suit the Nintendo DS as a quick pick up and put down type game, but I can’t see it making much of an impact for Xbox, PS2 or PC.
    Pro Evo is going to stomp all over it in my opinion.

    Also, I wouldn’t thrust Codemasters with a soccer game in this day and age….*cough* Club Football *cough*

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    I saw screen-shots yesterday and I have to say I was disappointed. Can’t remember where I found them, hence no link. Its actually being published by Codies and Kuju are developing it. Shame…could have been great… They’ve moved the camera down a bit so you can actually see 3D players now.

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    Wrong. Kick Off 2 on the Atart St / Amiga.

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    Wrong. Kick Off 2 on the C64! What ever happened to Anco?

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    Dino Dini released a version of Kick Off for the PC a couple of years ago. Was pretty good.

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