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    This is my character I have been working on and off over the past while. This was my first time to use zbrush. What an amazing piece of software! Anyway I learnt quite a bit during the production. Really enjoyed the whole experience even when I tore out almost all my hair out in the process. :)

    Polycount: 7345
    Diffusemap: x 1 1024×1024 + 1 512×512
    Normalmap: x1 1024×1024 + 1 512×512
    Specular map: x1 1024×1024 + 1 512×512
    Opacity map: x1 1 1024×1024 + 1 512×512

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    Thats ace. I like the way she doesn’t have ‘videogame breasts’.

    Good Stuff!

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    Aphra K

    certainly a step forward from a female’s perspective!


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    Thanks guys! :)

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    yeah, I am not too sure about the green skin, but I love the asymmetry, that’s a very cool model :)
    Were you inspired by that fairy-like character from Andromeda or something ?

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    Cheers… I wasn’t inspired by Andromeda. To be on honest I didn’t have any direct inspiration. I was kinda like of bits and bobs from other characters I’ve thought up along the way… The story originally was for some male character I had… The jet-leg pack was for another character i had and so on…
    Yeah the green skin, not 100% on it either… lol . :lol:
    I just wanted something alien I suppose and I thought the green was the best looking from the colours I tried.

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    That would be because green is the complement of red, which happens to be the dominant colour on your girl.
    Colour Theory is your friend ;)

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    I just wanted something alien [/quote:9633eb6635]
    Hey dude, its a very good model, but perhaps if ur looking for something alien, you should let your imagination go a little bit further than biped humanoids. I think if you put a ‘normal’ skin colour on her, it would look excellent, and it would increase you game design options (ie game world location) to more than just a space setting.
    I know your probably not concerned with Game Design Contexts at the moment, but it might be worth bearing in mind

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    Ah thats what the skin colour reminded me of, that old cartoon on TV called ReBoot! Very cool work ste!

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    can’t see the images :(

    ha!! now i can :) – i don’t like the colours u have used for skin/hair/face – but thats the way u feel it so it’s fine :)

    apart from that – firts class job

    the normal map isn’t very well visible in those stills (same as spec) – probably it would show off more in motion or in animated enviroment (lights)

    cheers – and again – congrats

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