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    I might be a bit late in stating the obvious. bought just bought this game… and what a game. im hooked on it totally. class game.:)

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    I’m dividing my time between that, Rome: Total War and Kotor 2.

    Presently Kotor 2 is winning out on the time played. What a game…..just as good as the first.

    But Riddick is an excellent game, great atmosphere. Although I think the controls can be a bit cumbersome, as can the framerate. My machine ran Doom 3 and Half-Life on high fine, but it has trouble running Riddick on medium when the action kicks off.

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    kotor 2 is great. I’m feeling its getting a little repetitive though. Got about 40 hours played and its starting to get a bit tedious. There are no hard battles in the game and I’ve rarely ever needed to use med-packs, only times have been I’ve been on individual missions.

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    i got riddick a month or too ago, it has lots of strong points, but a few too many problems for it to be a classic in my book (hand to hand combat sucks a bit, and and the backwards and forwards between inmates in the middle of the game gets a bit borring, but it picks up great again once you break out of the last prison, and a cool ending/ last level

    didn’t like the smoke packets thing either, kind of broke the rythem of the game, i.e. getting chased my monsters and u run over/pick up packet of smokes and the game pause with a big messages on the screen “you have unlock #32 concept Art”

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    I think the idea behind the easy battles in Kotor is that you are basically a Jedi Master and battles would be easy wouldn’t they?
    However, the boss battles should be difficult towards the end, but I hear they are still quite simple, which is a shame.

    Anyway, the focus of Kotor isn’t the battles, its the story, relationships and the dialogue. I actually like the idea of the battles being simple once you become powerful, it makes it feel more like you are a kickass Jedi Master. If it was hard for you to beat a few bounty hunters then it wouldn’t feel like you were powerful at all……just my opinion though.

    I’m playing it as a male/light side for the first time. Then once I have completed that I will play it as a male/darkside…..and thats when the fun really begins!
    Then I will probably do the same for a female character. I played the first four times, this way, and it was great because I found new things each time I played it.

    In the first also, I found it easier as a light jedi than a dark jedi. I would simply apply all the light powers to my character before a battle and he/she would win easily. The dark side was more difficult I thought. Will have to wait and see if that is also the case in the Sith Lords.

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    hand to hand combat sucks a bit [/quote:bb03050d84]
    its the best implementation of First Person hand-to-hand yet though…

    Although I think the controls can be a bit cumbersome, as can the framerate. My machine ran Doom 3 and Half-Life on high fine, but it has trouble running Riddick on medium when the action kicks off. [/quote:bb03050d84] yeah, the PC port fairly chugs along in places (including the non-realtime interface, weirdly enough)… yet the Xbox original zips along quite smoothly… You would have thought it would be the other way around

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    I told you all ages ago to buy it! :)

    I think the hand to hand combat is a great feature that adds a lot to the immersion factor. In fact I wish there were more opportunities to make use of it. It certainly gets away from having to shoot all the time.

    Anyone get the developers cut? How was the commentary? Was it directed towards professionals or just your average gamer?

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    all this talk of Riddick.. and Ronnys thread a little while back too made me go get it for my xbox


    love it .. apart from the fact i can’t save whenever i want to..

    but i’m loving the voice acting :D .. i have this total urge to click on every character to see who they booked for the voice :D


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    Glad that I actually helped someone to see the light! In my opinion it’s the best the Xbox has to offer. Halo who?

    I suggest that after you finish Riddick you invest in Metal Gear Solid 3! Many people argue over loving MGS1 or MGS2 and that the other is crap. If you liked either then you will LOVE Snake Eater. Fantastic game. Bloody work of art I tell you.

    The gameplay is challenging and you always want to keep going that little bit further before switching it off for the night. The story is truly great and everything from the past games just all suddenly makes sense. Be warned though – You will hate Raiden more than ever… :)

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