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      I don’t know how many people here are aware of the recent changes in EU patent legislation involving patentability of software, but still… While patents didn’t seem to mingle with games industry so far, the danger is there and should be known.

      Richard Stallman, the foreman of the Free Software movement and one of the legendary figures in the software world will be giving a talk next Monday in Trinity College. He’s visiting Ireland as a part of his 6-week tour of Europe to raise awareness of what he percieves as a serious threat to software development and innovation coming from the new EU patent legislation. He will be talking about all the things wrong and very wrong about patentability of software.

      The talk is orginised by Irish Free Software Organisation and hosted by TCD Netsoc. It will start at 19:30 sharp this Monday, 24th of May. The venue will be the MacNeill Lecture theatre (MACNEIL3), which is located in the Hamilton building at the east end of Trinity (near Pearse St. dart station). There is no charge to attend the talk and all are welcome. Try to come early to make sure you get seats.

      More details here.

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      Anyone remember that patent sega had, about something like “Cameras in a 3D racing environment” and they went after companies saying “hey, we invented this switching camera system with Vitua Racing – if you use it you must pay us royalties”

      What came of that?

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      I know this is more relating to games rather than boring ‘software’ – sorry! :D

      Also the “crazy taxi” patent – I think they have a point, but the nature of games means that all games rip each other off.

      In the lawsuit, Sega alleges that the defendants sought to “deliberately copy and imitate” Crazy Taxi. It’s hard to disagree with that — a simple playtest of The Simpsons Road Rage shows it to be a shallow, blatantly derivative game that copies Crazy Taxi’s basic format while failing to replicate its quality.[/quote:d605421076]


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      Aphra K

      thanks for the info Villiros..


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