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    it looks like Mr Freer & associates are wandering out on the lonely range with nothing but their loyal steed to keep them company there.


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    …and Typing Tutor. The latter IP is a particularly curious addition since the Gizmondo has no keyboard, keypad or touch screen.[/quote:7c263eccde]

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    That is such a funny article :)

    Good journalism!

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    Grrr and they shutdown warthog just after they made sticky balls (9/10 on Eurogamer!!!!)

    Pardon my french: Bunch of ****s

    The coincidences don’t end there. During 2004-2005, Tiger hired a consultant who was paid more than $170,000 for “Marketing and public relations services, an introduction to the performer Sting, and time spent in connection with the Agaju gaming concept currently in development.” The consultant’s name? Anneli Freer – no relation to Carl. Just kidding, she is of course his wife!

    And that’s not all, crazy coincidence fans! The report goes on to state that Tamela Sainsbury, the corporate secretary of Gizmondo Europe, was paid nearly $150,000 in base compensation during 2004, plus $83,000 in bonuses. She was also provided with a “luxury automobile” worth $70,000.

    And get this! Tamela Sainsbury lives with her partner, Steve Carroll, who is a director of Gizmondo Europe! What a funny old world, you couldn’t make it up etc etc. “[/quote:1da9a9524e]

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    Love the new sig Kyotokid

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    Cheers Pete, thats hoffally nice of you to say.

    /I’ll get me coat

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