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    I don’t know if any of you guys have been listening to Radio 1, but apparently someone thought it was time to remix the theme of Baywatch.

    You can download samples here:


    Just imagine this being played out through KITT’s sound system…as the H-O-F-F drives by…


    Oh. and I found this, and couldn’t resist….

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    The first one is ace.

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    Hoff gallery updated accordingly, with new music, and a KITT intro :)


    GOOGLE in the bottom right for your favourite ( or most hoff-al ) Knight Rider memories!


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    :shock: Wow, I’m blown away. I mean, the music… that was kinda…you know… probably as bad as the music they play those days on the radio. No? I dunno, I don’t listen to the radio in Ireland, it sounds too much like listening to the satudrday night disco or something.

    I must say, Mal, there is something rather disturbing about staring at such great classics as Milo’s Venus with all those Hoffs standing around.
    Couldn’t you just have a room dedicated to the Hoff and his great heroics and singing carreer, and maybe another room with the classics, some classic music and why not some old classic guys taken out of a painting standing around?

    Anyway, on a purely technical basis, I think it’s a great app you’ve got there :-)

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    And a Merry Christmas to you all, may the Hoff bring you what you wish for!
    (I am surprised nobody has got a Santa version of him, but ah well…)

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    sweet divine Jesus.


    click if ye dare…

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    you asked for it philippe…

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