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    Some work completed recently for Beannchor LTD / Paperjam Design in Belfast.
    The brief was to produce a model and three renders of the hotel (formerly the headquarters of Ulster bank in Belfast) for a promotional brochure as the building is currently undergoing renovation.


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    I’m always glad to see someone else around here from Belfast. You have some very good work. Good luck with finishing the project!

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    Very nice work

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    Nice Jim John, real smooth and a great way of being welcomed to the group.


    ( Editing your response is at least better than the comment that was made :) )

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    what on earth are you talking about

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    Nice work

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    that’s a really nice model you got there, I can’t help wonder what it would look like in a game engine :-)

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    Very nice indeed. Reminded me of one of the levels in Hitman 2, so there you go philippe, the next best thing! :D

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    amazing work. models are brilliant.

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    Thanks allot guys.
    I’ll be adding more stuff to the site when i get time.
    Im gettin ready to do more job hunting at the moment.
    you know how it is :D

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    Added a few more bits to the site.
    heres some examples of old work (work-in-progress) that i may finish at some point, time-permitting :P


    thanks again guys.

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    im digging the APA tshirt on the character.
    Nice models.

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    could you do me a favour and post up a screen grab of the lighting set up?? thanks :D

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    Sweet model. I think the sense of scale is a bit off though, mainly due to the lighting I think. It looks more like a toy than a large building, but v.good work with the texturing and modelling all the same.

    Your gun models are very cool.

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    heres a screen of the light set-up.
    Bare in mind that the screens have been tweaked in photoshop – contrast, curves, levels etc…

    While I worked for Codemasters I worked soley on the modelling, texturing and concept side of things – I’d never even used a 3D app before i started Codies! (unless you count the Quake 2 level I made while in final year of Vis Com in Belfast!).
    I have to confess im still learning about lighting, rendering, animation and setting up cameras etc… :D

    If anyone knows about any good Tutorials online then send them my way please :P
    thanks again for looking at the work.

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