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    hey guys and gals. I just finished my LUDO course in ballyfermot college and really enjoyed my time there. Iv been a huge games fan for many many years now and hope to presue a career in the games industry. So i would like just to say HELLO to all you guys and hope to create strong bonds with fellow gamers. If anyone wants to get to know me or just have a chat catch me on msn: steve_skittles@hotmail.com. i look forward to getting to know you all :)

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    Aphra K

    thanks Steve and welcome

    …in the general discussion we have an introductions thread…where you can read about everyone else…you might want to post there as it is sticky and won’t be removed or move down the pages..


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    Hey steve, before year end drop around to room 24 and say hi to the outgoing 2nd years. Did you apply for CGHND?

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    no man im gona take a year out to get a car or some form of transport!! but im going back next year. cant wait 8)

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    Did you do the rocket animation or have they decided to actually give the students something different to do as a project by now? ;)

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    haha nope its still that crappy saturn V rocket :(

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    Haha…thought so. I remember we downloaded the actual Saturn V blueprints to make our models……..think mine ended up being 2 million polys or something…..

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    LOL did you have to animate that? id say the rendering time took ages!!

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    Yeah animated the launch. It wouldn’t render on the Ballyfermot machines so had to do it at home. Although couldn’t use any shadows or the comp would crash!

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