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    Hrm I could have used that quote in my Microsoft essay! :D

    There seem to be many studys going on at the moment into games playing and online play especially. I did use some info from a study by Professor Talmadge Wright from Loyola University, Chicago however. They spent alot of time studying Counter-Strike culture by taking part in games, interviewing players and reviewing much of the chat that takes places in-game. There results were…amusing!

    It was often obvious when teenage boys were playing, he said, because there was much more trashtalk and sexist or homophobic insults flying around. But, said Prof Wright, it was a mistake to think that this meant that gamers were misanthropists[/quote:a60dd334df]

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    trashtalk and sexist or homophobic insults flying around.[/quote:13bdad78fd]

    That sounds like us in work EVERYDAY, not playing games

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