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      Hi guys,

      I’ve been a fan of simple hack and slash games for a long time, and for a while, the selection of titles has been a bit light.

      I somehow missed out on "Severance : Blade of Darkness", and by the time I found a copy, it won’t run on XP. Harsh.

      http://www.Cauldron.sk version of Conan for the PC (and XBox) was great. Loved it. But Conan’s rules anyway.

      Haven’t played the PS3 release of late, (but have heard on this forum that its disappointing.

      Next up, is "Viking" and a review on Wired.com (http://blog.wired.com/games/2008/03/review-viking-i.html) gives it the thumbs up.

      Just wondering if anyone has played it, or any other titles of similar style that they could recommend.

      Oh and please no comments about how "Severance" was/is the best games of all time ever ever ever.

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      "Severance" was/is the best game of all time ever ever ever. :)

      On a more serious note however the 1.001 patch makes it work in XP so you can enjoy said game once more.

      As for Viking, well after getting progressively more excited as I saw each of the dev trailers I got it on launch last Friday and have been thoroughly enjoying it since. Sure it has it’s problems but it’s a solid 7/10 game and well worth the purchase. While that may sound odd at the end of the day those types of games are never going to score THAT highly in the general review sense…unless it’s called Diablo of course.

      As for similar games I can’t recommend Devil May Cry 4 enough, if you’ve played and enjoyed any of the previous games or merely like hack and slash games with fantastic fighting systems then I’d urge you to get it now.

      Ninja Gaiden II is going to be out on the 360 here in June so that’s the next big one to look forward too but if you haven’t played the first one then that’s another one to look for.

      Outside of those the most notable games in recent times are the God Of War series, Heavenly Sword, Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, Prince of Persia series, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War and Warriors Orochi across the various platforms.

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