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    Hi – just joined GD and have a query that some may know the answer to. I’m setting up an online game (not multiplayer) and wish to time how long it takes people to complete it successfully. What’s the best timing system out there and where do I go to get it? Once I get the timing mechanism, I have to try to avoid people cheating it – another hassle with online gaming!


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    Is it a flash game… javascript or something else??? A bit of info might help us help you

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    The game is a puzzle and will use java and javascript – I’ll incorporate a start and end button to gauge the time taken to complete it but need a mechanism to gauge this really accurately (milliseconds) and then record it and users’ details to my server (a script presumably can sort this bit out). Quickest time wins! Any ideas, please let me know….

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    Is there a reason not to use the native libraries in java? Or the time functions in javascript?

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    Yup, doesn’t the java clock use miliseconds as standard ?

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    I’m not sure but I think he wants us to tell him which functions to use. I know recently one of my classmates was trying to time one of his functions in a program, using the wrong time function. I can imagine for a noob it would be a bit overwhelming to read the help file: there are quite a number of functions that can be used, from one returning a time stamp, to one giving you the number of milliseconds since the epoch, or the one giving you the number of ticks since bootup…

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    I think the best thing would be to use time and date stamp to calculate overall time played take time started and time ended and time game completed and do all this on the client side and send off to server to prevent latency, then a poss to prevent some tampering would be just stick in a checker to compare time/date started/finished to see if any discrepencies and act accordingly.

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    What everyone else said…bar the noob comment I hate that word…

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