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    Hi all,

    Just to let ya know, the Dublin office of TKO Software is no longer trading under that name. We are now a new company with new owners and are known as Gamavoo. We still retain the rights to all our games in the past and continue to develop exciting titles for mobile phones. We are currently looking at new licenses to devleop games for so if anyone has any suggestions that they feel would be great for mobile phones, let’s hear them.


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    congrats, guys

    all the best for the future

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    I want Metal Slug on my mobile! :D

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    Aphra K

    best of luck guys. Hope it goes well for you and we look forward to hearing the full story.


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    Best of luck lads

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    Best of luck to one & all at Gamavoo! Is Maciej still working with ye there? Haven’t seen him at a shindig for a while! ;)

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    Goood stuff Lads, best of luck.

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    Hope everything goes well with your new ventures. Best of luck with it.

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    Good luck with the new start!

    Tetris has been doing incredibly well recently with mobile phone sales. Along with other games I think it goes to show that the mainstream gamer and mobile user just likes to play a quick puzzle game on the bus for a while.

    Trying to do a AAA remake will probably pale in comparison to the original and leave people feeling unfulfilled. Of course if you try to replicate a game that boasts great gameplay features then you may have more success.

    I’d like to see old classics on a mobile. I’m not sure if they have actually been released already, but I like the idea of Streets of Rage or Double Dragon. In fact I’m quite sure one of them has been re-released. I think a fighting scroller like that would do quite well.

    That’s just a few quick thoughts from my head. You’re the pros!

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    Indeed, the old 16bit classics are the ones to aim for if you were aiming for that type of “classic” I reckon. Some of the old arcade titles like 1942, PANG, Silkworm, Puzzle Bobble and Mr. Driller would also be perfect candidates for mobile remakes.

    I also agree with the danger of AAA remakes. I played the mobile version of Splinter Cell and I wasnt impressed at all. I’m not sure whether it was just that game but it somehow didn’t feel right playing a scaled down version of a game I’d played extensivly on the PC.

    Anyway good look with the changeover guys!

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    Hey Wayne ! congrats and best of luck for you and your team. They are all great guys. Spent a great drinking session with you ;)

    @ian: Maciej is now in NY with Upstart Games.

    @Ronny: Double Dragon already exists on mobile phones. A friend of mine handled the J2ME -> BREW port.

    @gizmo: 1942 has been ported as well, like some other Capcom classics (Commando for example).

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    Oh wouldnt mind giving them a try so…

    Bionic Commando you mean? What a great game on the ‘ol C64!

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    Bionic Commando was ace.

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    The music was class on Bionic Commando

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    Wonderboy ( the original, where he was firing axes, and skating along ) was the best game ever.

    BTW how many people here have installed MAME ( http://www.mame.net ), downloaded a ROM of their favourite arcade game ( legally of course, as you would obviously own the original PCB board :) ), turned on an infinite lives cheat, and competed it? Or downloaded one of the MAME game playbacks, and watched it being completed?


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    No it’s Commando. On the C64 it was very famous for its Rob Hubbard music.

    I’m surprised because usually Commando is more “famous” than Bionic Commando. But yes, Bionic Commando was great :)

    Mal of course I have MAME ;) But I don’t use cheats !!! What do you think ;)

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    I’m definitely thinking of Bionic Commando and its music

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    MAME has been one of those pieces of software thats been on my PC for AGES and yes there have been a few games where I just had to turn on the infinite lives. Some of those arcade shooters seemed designed to suck your money!

    Just thinking about some of my old faves that deserve remakes…

    Midnight Resistance – side-scrolling Contra clone, one of my fave games ever.
    Toki – fantastic little platformer.
    Nightbreed – Clive Barker penned C64 side scroller, great game.
    SWIV – Great scrolling shooter
    Rainbow Islands – You have to know this platformer.

    I’ll add more as I think of them… :D

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    …Midnight Resistance…[/quote:25fe9b10c0]

    ROCK ON!

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    i’m up for you doing anything with cool music :D

    good luck to all. hope it works out just like you want it to :D

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