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    1 FIFA 06
    2 Pro Evolution Soccer 5
    3 Need for Speed: Most Wanted
    4 Gran Turismo 4
    5 Star Wars EP III: Revenge of the Sith
    6 FIFA Street
    7 Star Wars: Battlefront II
    8 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    9 King Kong: Official Game of the Movie
    10 The Sims 2 [/list:u:6cd41838ea]

    FIFA Street :shock:

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    Where’d you pull that list from? Bad list.

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    It’s clearly a “Best Sellers” list due to the fact that a) 9/10 are sequals of one form or another b) 9/10 are multiformat games and c) they’re not exactly that good…

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    Is this YOUR top list of 2005 or some chart from somewhere ??

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    Its the Top 10 UK game sales for 2005, and coincidently my top 10 favourite games of 2005 (hehehehe)


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    source please :wink:

    king kong has done well since it was released just before Xmas (i think)

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    Only eight sequels! Oh, and of course one is a movie license that is in it’s third incarnation, and the last game is a spin-off of NBA Street. What a year for innovation.

    source please[/quote:317d1515f7]

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    Ah yes, I just lumped Fifa Street in with the sequal brigade seeing as its just an amalgamation of ideas from NFL Street and Fifa basically…

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    Absolutely, Gizmo. I must have skipped over your post about the ratio of sequels. :oops:

    The majority of games I play this year will have been from years gone past. The only game I’ve played so far is NHL 2002. The next one I have lined up is Civilisation 3.

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    Honestly I think FIFA street gets in there because it went to the discount rack so quickly, I think it was free just about every game you might want to buy at some point during the year

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