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    This might be interesting, for any new coders looking at the mobile phone platform. Seeing how the professionals do it can be a great way of learning new techniques etc.



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    yeah checked it out a few days ago.

    Nasty nasty looking code, a 86k main.java file with best part of 4000 lines of code and not a comment(useful) in sight. would take you days the read through and understand. Although this seems to be a common trend with mobile games, cram the lot into 1 file and not waste resource on class loading etc.

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    its not a ‘trend’ thing,
    its necessary.
    even with obfuscation shortening your variable names (amongst other things) and making your files smaller, its not enough.

    1. the larger the file the better the possible compression on the final .jar file.

    2. class function calls are potentially quite slow on a mobile – its much faster to have c type code and have it all in the one file – and just plain not use classes.

    fyi: newer phones can handle larger .jar file sizes(nokia s60 and greater, midp2 phones especially)
    (a .jar is what your entire code is compressed into, and this is like an .exe for a phone), but if you want a game to work on a lot of phones you’re limited 63k (nokia s40 type phones).
    with a 63k limit, and art assets taking up a lot of that, every byte counts. :)

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    Yeah, these really long java files make it really horrible to code.

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